Third St. / 3rd st
Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada

Note- Lot, is Legal Lot Number, for Tax and Registration Purposes, used in Conjunction with the Legal Block Number
# is the Civic Mailing Address of each lot, or combination of Lots, in some cases.

I will be adding Historical photos and descriptions of Businesses /Residences on this block, when I get a chance.

North Side, 1101-1199 (Odd Numbered Lots)

Block 42, Lot 21-30, #1101-#1137

Lot 21-22- Estevan Fire Hall- 2017 they bought a building on Highway 47, and are renovating it to a Fire Hall

Lot 23- #1109-

Lot 24- #1113-

Lot 25- #1117- Tower Inn, takes up a couple lots here (2017)

Lot 26, Block 42, #1121 3rd St.- Boarding House originally, near the ravine, on west end of 3rd st, ca 1893, when the First Coal Mine in Estevan operated there. Per Historical Walking Tour Booklet it was moved to SE corner of 4th st and 12th ave. until the Bank was built on that corner in 1910. It was moved again to this location. It became the McNeil Funeral Home, and Orsted Funeral Home. Estevan Funeral Home in 1955, John Lee Prop. Historical Estevan site

Here is a view when the house stood on 4th st, early 1900's.

Lot 27- #1125-

Lot 28- #1129- Michael Sloan, b- age 46, b- in USA, and his family lived here in 1921. With them Harry Walt Herrington, Travelling Salesman for Chippewa Water Co.. Michael Sloan owned the Water Company.

Lot 29- #1133- Harold Armstrong lived here in 1921. age 38, b- ON, shown as a well driller.

Lot 30- #1137- NE Corner of 12th Ave.- Anglican Church Manse

South Side, 1102-1198 (Even Numbered Lots)

Block 54, Lots 1-10, #1138-#1102, Third St.

Lots 1-2- #1138 - William Kinna Sr. (b-Sept 14, 1863, Minnigaff, Kirkcudbright, Scotland, d- Mar 11, 1937 in San Antonio, Texas, age 73), lived here in 1906, with wife Sarah nee Lindsay, & 3 sons and a daughter, Mr. Kinna Sr. owned an early lumber yard in Estevan on 6th st. By 1920 the family lived in San Antonio, Texas, where he was a lumberman as well. His father- Robert Kinna, mother- Elizabeth Hornel, both born in Scotland. ; Doug Blue had his Dentist Business here for years. ; Today there is another Business here.

Lot 2- #1134-

Lot 3- #1130-

Lot 4- Block 54, #1126 3rd st.- “Prairie Nursery Ltd.” Office, in 1955, T. A. Torgeson, Managing Director, A. E. Shannon, Asst. Manager. Heritage Walking Tour Book, says this 2 storey house was built in 1928. Theodore “Torge” Torgeson lived in the suite upstairs. Estevan Heritage site

Lot 5, Block 54,- #1122 3rd st.- Built in 1905 Concrete Block Construction
for P. C. Duncan per Heritage Walking tour Booklet
Peter Cuthbert Duncan
b- May 8, 1862 in Lot 3, Conc 11, Elma, Perth Co., ON
d- Feb 19, 1940
Mayor of Estevan 1913-1917.
wife- Jessie Duncan, nee McNeil, b- June 30, 1864, d- Mar 10, 1944.
Peter C. Duncan married Jessie McNeil, July 28, 1886. Jessie's father- Lachlan McNeil, Jessie's Mother- Sarah Lamont. daughter- Jessie Duncan, b- Sept 1, 1880 in Belfast Ireland, d- Sept 30, 1955, she married Richard Thomas Stanley, Jessie was named after her mother. Her and her sister known last living in Victoria, BC. Sister- Sarah (Joan) MacIver, nee Duncan, b- Sept 18, 1893 in SK, d- ? in Victoria BC? Teacher in the Country, in 1911. She married Ken Alexander McIver, Sept 15, 1920, b- Jan 26, 1877 in Isle of Skye, Scotland, d- Sept 13, 1947.
Stanley Alvin Duncan family brother of Peter, lived here in 1921. age 31, b- May 20, 1889, in Brandon MB, d- Jan 23, 1943 in Edmonton AB. Manager and owner of a Garage in 1921 in Estevan. Wife- Edna Muriel Duncan, b- age 30, in USA., and daughter Dorothy Duncan, and sister Jessie Duncan lived with him. Jessie Duncan, age 23, b- in ON, was a Music Teacher in Estevan. Stanley's mother, Jessie McNeil.
Estevan Heritage site

Lot 6- #1118- John Lackey, Druggist, lived here in 1921, b-age 28, in Quebec, He was married.

Lot 7- #1114- Tena Vaughn, Stenographer Bank of Montreal on 5th St, lived here in 1921; Florence Kinney, Stenographer at Campbell, Moore & Lynd, Law firm, located in the Campbell Block, in 1921 lived here, so looks like a boarding house here.

Lot 8- #1110- Dr. B. N. Philip Samuel, Dental Surgeon, Office here in 1955

Lot 9- #1106-

Lot 10- #1102-

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