Historical Tours

Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada

“A Walk Through Time”
Historical Walking Tours of Estevan
Tan Colour
(reason I add the colour is there is a light green one as well, but much smaller, so assume the first one produced )

I don't see a copyright symbol or copyright note of any kind on this booklet,
It came to me in a collection of my aunt Dolly Backman's material.
There is no date on the Booklet at all.
There are 2 pages at the end, for credits, so please check that out.
I know at one time this booklet or the green one, or both were on the now extinct Library History site.
So I am assuming there will be no problem in including it here for research purposes.
The artist of the building drawings was Dawn Appleby
Paul Rutherford did the Cover drawings and Maps.
It was produced with a Provincial Grant, and sponsored by the Estevan National Exhibition Centre.
There is no price tag on it, so assume it was passed out to the public, and there fore a public document.
So these are the reasons I am using it on this site.

Note the booklet is set up in 3 tours, A, B, and C
A & B were walking tours, but C is a driving tour.
They all start at the Estevan Court House

Start of walking Tour A: Residential Tour

Start of walking Tour B: Downtown Section

Start of Driving Tour C: Eastern Part of the City

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