Third St. / 3rd st
Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada

Note- Lot, is Legal Lot Number, for Tax and Registration Purposes, used in Conjunction with the Legal Block Number
# is the Civic Mailing Address of each lot, or combination of Lots, in some cases.

I will be adding Historical photos and descriptions of Residences on this block, if applicable.

===North Side- East to West (Odd Numbered Lots)===
Block 41, Lot 14-20A, #1005- #1025 Third St.

Lot 14- - NW Corner of Souris Ave- #1005- Samuel Lyman Hitchcock Residence in 1921, owned City Dray & Transfer at #1139 4th St.

Lot 15- #1009-

Lot 16- #1013-

Lot 17- #1017-

Lot 18- #1021 Douglas S. Jerrold, lived here in 1921, Accountant with Manlove & Bannatyne Insurance Agents. -

Lot 19- #1025-

Lot #?- 1029- Historical Walking Tour Booklet says the Holmgren House stood here, today the Police Parking lot.
House was built around 1905 and owned by Peter Bengt Holmgren, Mayor of Estevan starting Jan 1, 1928. Mayor for 1928, 1929, then 1933, 1935, and 1936.
In 1916 family living in Estevan on Third St. He was living in Rouleau SK in 1921 with his family.

Peter Bengt Holmgren
b- Apr 6, 1886 in Sweden,
d- Nov 29, 1958 in Estevan, age 72
buried in Estevan City Cemetery.
He immigrated in 1904 to Canada from Wilmar MN.
He immigrated from Sweden at age of 5 months, with his parents, to the US.
1920 he went into partnership with Thomas Gail Patterson, and opened a Garage, “Patterson & Holmgren”.
1953 he started his own business, Holmgren Motors on 12th Ave. which he was a partner in with his son Cliff Holmgren in 1958.
Peter married Eleanor “Ella” Hodgson, from Kingston ON, in Estevan.
daughter of Edwin Watkins Hodgson, and Hester Sarah Shannon
sons, Peter Clifford “Cliff”, Millard, Norman and Lowell,
and a daughter, Mrs. Ruby Alexander, living in Goodwater SK in 1958
Thomas Gail Patterson was married to Alma (Elma?) Mary Hodgson, sister of Ella Hodgson

Lot 20A- Estevan City Police Station- Address is actually #301 11th Ave.
#1033 3rd st. Police building was located here, used by the Saskatchewan Provincial Police per Historical Walking Tour Booklet in the 1920's during prohibition. Used by the RCMP after that until their station was built on Souris Ave. The house was built in 1906 for Ed Rooney, who owned the Massey Harris dealership on the north side of 5th st..

===South Side- West to East (Even Numbered Lots)===
Block 55, Lot 1-11, #1038-#1002, Third St.

Lot 1- #1038-
Lot 2-
Lot 3-
Lot 4-
Lot 5-

Lot 6- #1018- Historical Walking Tour Booklet says there is a a marking in the cement sidewalk in front of this house that has the words “H. E. McKenzie Contractor” some of the oldest sidewalks in town.

Lot 7- #1014- Henry Abraham Nash lived here in 1921, He owned Hy A. Nash Blacksmith Shop at #938 10th ave. he was living in Estevan as early as 1908.

Lot 8, Block 55- #1010 3rd st.- Henry Yardley and family lived here, b-Dec 22, 1855, Ecclesfield, Yorkshire, England, wife- Fannie Kirk Yardley, nee Robson, 4 sons and 2 daughters lived here in 1906.
Henry Yardley was elected The First Estevan Overseer, in Nov 15, 1899, in Estevan.
He also was The First Mayor of Estevan (1906-1907), Historical Estevan site

Lot 9, block 55,- #1006 3rd st.- Beckel Hospital located here, the First Hospital of any kind in Estevan. Around 1910, a Nurse named Katherine Morrison, hired two more nurses, and ran a hospital here, at the Beckel Home, #1006 3rd st.. In 1906 the William Beckel family lived at Lot 8, Block 59, #1010 2nd st. so assume they moved here. Historical Estevan site

Lot 10 & lot 11-Block 55, #1002 3rd St.- Methodist Church Parsonage- per Historic Walking Tour Booklet, Red Brick building, built in 1914 by John Phillips. Continued as the United Church Manse until 1962. ; John Hartley family lived here in 1921, Methodist Minister. b- age 48, in ON., wife- Sarah Ellen Hartley, b- age 47 in ON. Estevan Historic Building

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