King Street

Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada

Located in Hillside Subdivision in Estevan Saskatchewan.

Note- Lot, is Legal Lot Number, for Tax and Registration Purposes, used in Conjunction with the Legal Block Number
# is the Civic Mailing Address of each lot, or combination of Lots, in some cases.

I will be adding Historical photos and descriptions of Residences on this block, if applicable.

King St. used to be the Southern Boundary of Hillside Subdivision. South of King street in the 50's, 60's, was the old Dirt Stock Car Track. Also located here at that time was the Exhibition Grounds, as well as the Water Tower, and the Ice Rink, which are still there today (2017). But no Stock Car Track for decades now. Lots of new Subdivisions in there, and some Senior Housing units.
Now at the East end of King street is the Estevan Mall, and some new Churches, and Hotels. Also some big Box stores in there, north of King St.
On the west end of King st. at corner of Roddy road is the New St. Joseph Hospital, located in Pleasantdale. King st, is the only one that runs in both Hillside and Pleasantdale Subdivisions. Is now a main thoroughfare in the City. Souris Ave (Highway 47) divides it almost in half.
On the East end, it now runs past Kensington Ave, changes to “King St. East”, and down to “Nesbitt Drive”.

East to West, North side of King St., Odd Numbered Houses
Block 30,
Lot C- #81- King St. East
Lot B- #85-
Lot A- #89-
Lot B- #93-

Then we pass Johnston Road

Lot 31- #97-

Then we cross Kensington Ave.

Lot E- #105 King St.-
Lot C- #137 King St.

Then we cross Spruce Drive

Block 402- all lots here are rear of Poplar Bay lots

then we cross Pine Avenue

Block 401, lot J- #461 King St.-

Then we cross Bannatyne Ave.

Block 33, Lot 9-12, then F, E, D
Civic Addresses #501-525
Lot 9- #501-
Lot 10- #505-
Lot 11- #509-
Lot 12- #513-
Lot F- #517-
Lot E- #521-
Lot D- #525-

Then we cross Dufferin Ave.

Block 32, Lots 13-16, then G, H, J, K, L, and M
Civic Addresses #601-#637
Lot G- #617 King St. - Ernest “Ernie” and Stella Wagner family lived here. Ernie was a Mechanic. Friends of their sons, Rick, Wayne and Lorne.

Then we cross Arthur Ave.

Block 17, Lots 11-20,
Civic Addresses #701-#737
Lot-15, #717 King St.- Fredrick “Fred” and Mary Slater family lived at 717 King st, ca 1965- He was a Customs Officer. Mrs. Slater used to invite me in when I delivered Star Weekly paper to them, or I would have froze to death numerous times. Friend of their daughter Colleen to this day.

Then we cross Alexandra Ave.

Block 16, Lots 11-20,
Civic Addresses #801-#837

Then we cross Victoria Ave.

Block 1, Lots 11-20,
Civic Addresses #901-#937

Then we come to Souris Ave., and 13th Ave intersection

Block 149, Lot F- #100 Souris Ave- when I grew up there early 1960's it was a Texaco station. then it became a Glass shop. Not sure what it is today.

Lot E- #98 King St-

then we come to Cundall Drive, one day I will continue on into Pleasantdale area

Starting at West to East- Even Numbered Lots, South Side of King St.
First we have the 7-Eleven Store, actually on 13th ave, and an industrial building, pump house? on corner.

Then we have some Senior's Housing

then we cross Arthur Ave.
First a lot on Arthur Ave, then Block 1A, #642 King St.-
then Block 147, Lot 1- 16,
Civic Addresses r#638-#502

then we have Petterson Drive

Block 207- Estevan Mall sits in here.

King st continues on, will add that when I have time.

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