Third St. / 3rd st
Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada

Note- Lot, is Legal Lot Number, for Tax and Registration Purposes, used in Conjunction with the Legal Block Number
# is the Civic Mailing Address of each lot, or combination of Lots, in some cases.

I will be adding Historical photos and descriptions of Residences on this block, when I get a chance.

North Side, #1301-#1337 3rd st. (Odd Numbered Lots)

Block 44, Lots 21-30

Lot 21- #1301

Lot 22- #1305

Lot 23- Block 44, #1309 3rd st.- Historical Walking Tours Booklet states house was Built in 1910 (1911? see below)- Original Builder and Owner was H. E. McKenzie , the builder of many businesses in Estevan, as well as schools, like ECI, Orpheum Theatre and Empire Hotel.
(Harry) Henry Emerson McKenzie
, b- Feb 1880 in Ontario Canada in 1911 census. d- Nov 4,1917 in Rochester, Minnesota. (Lake Minnetonka). Buried there, in Groveland Cemetery, Section 1, Lot 17, grave 4. His grave says born in 1877, so obviously the 1911 date is wrong. He was a member of the Masons. Shown as a contractor in 1911 census.

1912-16 photo of this house,
Nearing completion in Aug 1911, Described on corner of 13th ave and 3rd st in Leader Post article
The McKenzie Family rented the house in the 1920's, Paul Matoff rented and lived here in 1921, b-1887, in Russia, wife- Jean Matoff nee Bronfman, b- Apr 16, 1892, in Brandon MB., and daughter Muriel Beatrice Matoff, b-May 1, 1915 in Winnipeg, MB., Paul Matoff was murdered in the CPR station in Bienfait Oct 4, 1922, during the rum running days. He was the brother-in-law of Samuel “Sam” Bronfman, of Seagrams fame. Estevan Heritage Home

Lot 24- #1313- Dugald Arbuckle family lived here in 1921

Lot 25- #1317- George Robertson family lived here in 1921

Lot 26- #1321- Michel Cote family lived here in 1921

Lot 27- #1325-

Lot 28- #1329- Louis Jacob Morris family lived here in 1921, Hardware Merchant.

Lot 29- #1333- Thomas Gail Patterson family lived here in 1921- He was in partnership with Peter B. Holmgren in “Patterson & Holmgren” garage
Thomas was married to Elma (Alma?) Mary Hodgson, sister of Ella Hodgson, who was married to P. B. Holmgren
Thomas's parent's- John and Elizabeth Patterson
Thomas Gail Patterson
b- Aug 23, 1873 in Storrington, Frontenac, ON
d- Apr 30, 1956 in Vancouver BC
shown as a mechanic in 1921 in Estevan

Lot 30- Block 44, #1337 3rd st.- Historical Walking Tours Booklet states- Built ca 1910, House was built with no stairs in plans. Built with an open Veranda, with pillars. Built for J. E. Loughlin.
James Edwin (Sr.) and Mary Josephine Loughlin family lived here in 1921. He owned a large Dry Goods store on 4th st. James Loughlin, b- Sept 1872 in ON., d- Aug 22, 1956, Halleybury, ON., age 84, buried in Parish Cemetery, Kemptville ON., Mary Josephine Loughlin, nee Morrow, b-Sept 1882 in ON, she died before James, and 3 children- Margaret Morrow Loughlin, b- Sept 1910, in SK, -Mary Josephine Loughlin, b- ca 1912 in SK.- and their only son, Lieut. James Edwin Loughlin (Jr), (Regina Rifles Regiment) b- ca 1918 in SK.
parents of J.E. Loughlin- Michael Loughlin and Jane Buckles. Brothers- Leo George Loughlin, b- North Mountain ON, d- age 65 in Jan 1944, and Joseph Loughlin. He also had 5 sisters. J.E. Loughlin, Sr. shows in Estevan in 1911 as well.

Per Historical Walking Tours Booklet, House became the Martin & Hagel Funeral Home, the Veranda was closed in, but top balcony kept. Picture now shows open veranda again. Estevan Heritage Home

South Side, #1302-#1338 (Even Numbered Lots)

Block 52, Lots 1-10

Lot 1- Block 52, #1338 3rd st- House built prior to 1907, Willis R. and Lucy Whitby family lived here in 1921, ; Miss Sadie Lee, teacher at ECI, boarded with them in 1921. ; Willis owned W. R. Whitby Hardware at #1202 4th St.which is now location of the Royal Bank (2017) , Historical Estevan House

From very early postcards courtesy Grant Walker, CA

Lot 2- #1334-

Lot 3- Block 52, #1330 3rd St.- Historical Walking Tour Booklet says this house was built in 1906, and owned by Richard Kisbey. The first Rural Postman and Land Agent in the Moose Mountain area in the 1890's. The CPR named Kisbey SK after him in 1903. Estevan Heritage House

These are From very early Postcards courtesy Grant Walker, CA

Lot 4- #1326-
Lot 5- #1322-
Lot 6- #1318-
Lot 7- #1314-
Lot 8- #1310-

Lot 9-Lot 10- SW Corner of 13th Ave-#1306- Stone Central School located here in 1955, it was removed in 1956, the School Bell from Central School is on display at the ECI memorial Park on 1St St. ; A new Canada Government building was built on this corner, Estevan Post Office was located here for years, , until PO moved to new 13th Ave location Historical Estevan site

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