Second St. / 2nd St.
Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada

Note- Lot, is Legal Lot Number, for Tax and Registration Purposes, used in Conjunction with the Legal Block Number
# is the Civic Mailing Address of each lot, or combination of Lots, in some cases.

I will be adding Historical photos and descriptions of Residences on this block, if applicable.

East-West, from 14th to 15th Ave.
Block 51- Lots 11-20, Civic Addresses #1401-#1437
Lot 11-12- #1401, 2nd St.- Bank House was built here around 1912 by the Bank of British North America for their Manager, per Historical Walking Tour Booklet. Bank merged with Bank of Montreal, and their managers used the building until 1955, when it was moved to 1518 3rd St. It was in the 1914 promotional booklet for Estevan.


Lot 13- #1409- William and Fanny Leslie family lived here in 1921
Lot 14- #1413-
Lot 15- #1417-
Lot 16- #1421- Hester Hodgson a widower, and his 2 daughters lived here in 1921. He operated a rooming house here.
Lot 17- #1425- David and Lulu Irvine Family lived here in 1921. David owned a Drug store in 1921. wife- Lulu Irvine nee Henderson.
Lot 18- #1429-
Lot 19- #1433- James and Isabella “Bella” Cavers family lived here in 1921. wife- Bella Cavers, nee Houston, both born in MB. James was the Manager of a Bank in Estevan in 1921.
Lot 20- #1437-

West-East, from 15th Ave to 14th Ave.
Block 63, Lots 1-10, Civic Addresses #1438-#1402

Lot 1- #1438, 2nd St.-Louis and Levinia Isabell Duncan family lived here in 1921. He was a Broker at that time.
Lot 2- #1434- Hugo and Josephine Werry family lived here in 1921. He owned his own Book Store then.
Lot 3- #1430-
Lot 4- #1426- Charles Christopher “Chris” and Clarissa “Clara” Eunice Smith family lived here in 1922. b- Mar 5, 1864 in Bothwell, Chatham-Kent Municipality, Ontario, Canada, d- Oct 11, 1934, age 70, buried in Estevan City Cemetery, He came west to Alexander MB in 1885. Obituary says He came to Estevan in 1918. He served as Estevan Alderman and became Mayor in 1920. 1911 census shows occupation= Real Estate- C.C. Smith lived in Carnduff SK in 1916. C.C. Smith co-owned the International Clay Products, the Brick Plant, with Dave Bannatyne. He retired in Estevan. Wife- Clara Eunice Hunter, nee ?, b- Jan 21, 1865, at Burritts Rapids, ON., d- Oct 11, 1939, buried in Estevan City Cemetery. She married a William Hunter first, then Jan 8, 1900 she married C. C. Smith at Winchester, MB , also with them in 1921, their only son, Lucas Arden Smith, b-Sept 13, 1892 at Arden MB., and his wife Robinette. Lucas was the Manager of a Coal and Brick Co. in 1921. He enlisted Feb 10, 1916, in WWI, was a medical student at that time, became a Captain, in RCAF. Reg #16967-L-88.
Lot 5- #1422- Dr. Carlisle Purdon, lived here in 1922, with his mother in law, Lucy Powell, He was a Dentist in Estevan in 1921.
Lot 6- #1418-
Lot 7- #1414-
Lot 8- #1410-
Lot 9- #1406- Albert and Eolia Main lived here in 1921
Lot 10- #1402-

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