Taylorton- Twigger Family

Taylorton, Saskatchewan, Canada

John Twigger (Sr)
b. April 1840, Bedworth, Foleshill Reg Dist., Warwickshire, England
d. November 5, 1920, Miss Winteringham's Hospital, Estevan, SK, Canada, age 80
Buried: November 6, 1920 Taylorton Cemetery, Taylorton, SK, Canada
Undertaker: Willis R. Whitby (Hardware, Furniture), Estevan SK

son of William Twigger, Coal Dealer in Bedworth and Elizabeth Twigger, nee Rayson

Immigrated in 1845 per 1906 census
1859 per 1916 census
shown in 1861 census in Bedworth as a Iron Stone miner
so don't think either date is right.
family immigrated in 1870 to Findley Township, Mercer Co. Pennsylvania USA, first.
then moved to Ontario canada, ca 1880

John Twigger was a resident of Taylorton for 30 years, (ca 1890-1920) and one of the most widely known old-timer, in the Bienfait-Taylorton area.

He opened a mine south of Taylorton over twenty years before he died.
and an attempt was made to float coal by barges down the Souris river to Winnipeg, via the Assiniboine and Red rivers.

1916 shown as a Mail Driver in Taylorton

He died two days after going into hospital, dropsy being given as the cause. Despite his advanced years, he was a very vigorous man, and kept at his work of mail carrier between Bienfait and Taylorton, until a short time before he was taken ill. He used a horse and cart to make the return trip, from the rail station in Bienfait.

He left a wife and two sons, The funeral service was held at his home, and the pall-bearers were:
W. Baird, Ed. Robb, Clyde Harrell, A. (Alvie) Heminger, A. Edwardson and H. (Henry) Bulmer.
Rev. Mr. Snider officiating

Newspaper articles transcribed

Taylorton News:
The weekly social was cancelled last Saturday owing to the death of Mr. John Twigger. Mr. Twigger was by far the oldest resident of this neighbourhood and will be missed by a large number of friends.

Bienfait News:
William Heminger and Charlie Trigger were bringing home the body of the last John Trigger home in a casket and rough box from Estevan undertaking parlours last Friday evening, when they were ordered to stop by a provincial police officer. Heminger states he stopped his car and the search began. Rather a gruesome search, I should imagine, but it goes to prove that even the dead cannot rest in peace these days.

Last Friday the body of Mr. Twigger was being brought from Estevan to Taylorton in a car driven by William Heminger, accompanied by Charley Twigger, son of the deceased. When about a mile or so out of Estevan they met a car driven by a provincial policeman. About a mile further on they heard a car give warning as though wanting to pass them. They turned out to let it go by, which it did for a matter of a hundred yards or so then stopped across the road and called on Mr. Heminger to stop. The policeman came up and demanded to know what they were carrying. On being told it was a corpse, he asked whose. When told all particulars he proceeded to examine the car, after shaking the coffin. When he was satisfied he gave a curt remark that they could go on. The whole affair has left a very bitter feeling in this neighbourhood, and I was requested to let you know about it. Duty is duty as we know, but I do think that such an incident as this shows pretty plainly that the provincial police methods could be considerably improved. I remain, Yours faithfully, E. Bert Kearney
Note- This was the time of Rum Running in Southern Saskatchewan, and running booze in a casket was probably done before this.

1st wife- Jane Cashmoore
married Aug 14, 1859 in Exhall, Warwickshire, England
b- ca 1842 in Bedworth, Warwickshire, England
d- Mar 3, 1890, Pembroke, Ontario, age 48
daughter of Thomas Cashmoore
John and Jane had 16 children

2nd wife- Isabelle “Bella” Twigger, nee Thibodeau, married 1891-94 in ON or SK
b- ON (age 59 in 1921)
d- May 29, 1943, Burnaby BC, age 84
buried in Ocean View Burial Park, Burnaby BC
Widow of the late John Twigger,
late residence 1473 Nelson Avenue, Burnaby, BC
Survived by two sons, Charles at home; Johnny in Saskatchewan;
1 sister Mrs. A. E. Simpson.
Funeral service June 2, at 11 a.m.
from the Home Funeral Chapel, 742 East Hastings,
Rev. J. S. Muldrew officiating

son- John “Johnny” Twigger (Jr)
b- ca 1897 in SK
d- Jan 10, 1973 in Bienfait SK, age 76
Buried in Bienfait Cemetery
Funeral service Saturday, Jan. 13, at 2:30 p.m.
from St. Peter and St. Paul Anglican Church, Bienfait.
with Archdeacon Schermon officiating.
1916 and 1921- Driver in a Coal Mine Taylorton SK
In later life he only had one arm

son- Charles William “Charlie” Twigger
b- Apr 9, 1901, Taylorton, SK (Section 4-Township 02- Range 06-W2)
d- Sept 4, 1953, doa St. Paul's Hospital, Vancouver BC, age 52
Buried in Ocean View Burial Park
Occupation- Steel Slinger, Construction
Late of 3428 E. 3rd.
Funeral Service Wed. Sept. 9 at 1 p.m. from the Chapel of Chimes,
Rev. H. Lennox officiating
1916- Labourer in a Coal Mine, Taylorton SK
1921- Motorman in a Coal Mine at Taylorton
when he died he was survived by his wife, Eleanor Nelson

Charles had 2 daughters:
Yvonne Mary Twigger
b- in Bienfait
Yvonne changed her name to Kate, and she married ? Wright, divorced, She then remarried Michael Hoyt Du Pont, member of the famous Du Pont family.

Pat Twigger

Thanks to Dan Kennedy, London, ON for info above.


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