Taylorton- Post Office

Coalfields, Taylorton, Saskatchewan, Canada

In a history book titled “The story of Saskatchewan and it's People” written in 1924,
The author quotes Mr. G. Gwyne Jones, of Bienfait, then Secretary Treasurer, of the RM of Coalfields.
He says Coalfields was 120 miles from Moosomin. Coalfields Post Office was on the North Side of the river,
Just below where Taylorton stood, in 1924. Mail was brought in by Stage from Moosomin.
Via Cannington Manor, Dalesboro, and Alameda. The Post Office was kept by a Mr. Gow.
(Neil and G. F. Gow ran the Post Office here) A Pioneer, from the Morris district of Manitoba.
A bridge was built (1892) by the Government across the Souris River, near the Coalfields Post Office,
which enabled the settlers from the south side of the river to go across for their coal and their mail.
This Bridge washed away in the spring flood of 1904. It was replaced shortly after,
and remained until at least 1924 when the book was written.
His name also appears as owning a Coal Mine with a Mr Russell, started shortly after the Hugh Hassard mine.
This bridge was located near the bridge to Taylorton today, on the road from the valley

Original Coalfields Post Office

Federal Electoral District: Moose Mountain (Saskatchewan)
Opened Aug 1, 1890
Changed to Roche Percee Post Office- Apr 1, 1896
Located at Section 34, Township 1, Range 6, W2

Coalfields Postmasters

Postmaster Name Birth Date Appointment Date Vacancy Date Reason for Vacancy
Hilliard Edwin Price (see below) Mar 26, 1861 Aug 1, 1890 Jan 1893
Neil Gow (see below) July 22, 1867 May 1, 1893 Apr 2, 1884 Resigned
George Frederick Gow (see below) July 10, 1835 July 1, 1894 Apr 1, 1896

2nd Coalfields Post Office

When Coalfields was moved from the valley to the top of the hill
Location of Post Office: Sec.4, Twp.2, R.6, W2
Federal Electoral District: Assiniboia East, NWT (Saskatchewan )
Opened Jan 1, 1897, Changed to Taylorton Dec 1, 1906

Office name- Coalfields

Postmaster Name Birth Date Appointment Date Vacancy Date Reason for
Isaac Cockburn (see below) 1841 Dec 1, 1897 Mar 28, 1901 Resigned
William (Billy) Lemond Hamilton (see below) May 11, 1868 June 1, 1901 Apr 21, 1905 Resigned
Harold Lees (see below) Sept 18, 1880 June 7, 1905 see Taylorton List
see Taylorton List

Name changed to Taylorton (7722)
Location #1- Sec.4, Twp.2, R.6, W2 - 1897-01-01
Location #2- NE 1/4- Sec.6, Twp.2, R.6, W2
Federal Electoral District:Moose Mountain (Saskatchewan )

Former name- Coalfields
Date of Change- Dec 1, 1906
Closed Sept 30, 1960
1910-1926 it was located in Joseph and Alice Peverelle's Porch
Built on the back of the house, with POST OFFICE written above the door
After Joseph died Alice moved the post office, to a lean to on a house closer to the Tipple


Postmaster Name Birth Date Appointment Date Vacancy Date Reason for Vacancy
Harold Lees (see below) sept 18, 1880 see Coalfields List above Mar 12, 1907 Resigned
Richard Ratcliffe (Dick) Taylor Jr. May 1, 1907 Sept 2, 1909 Resigned
Thomas Nelson (see below) May 1879 Oct 6, 1909 May 24, 1910 Resigned
Joseph (Joe) Alexander Peverelle (see below) Feb 1870 June 16, 1910 Dec 4, 1926 Death
Mrs. Alice Peverelle (nee Wilkinson) (see below) May, 1879 Mar 11, 1927 June 3, 1940 Resigned
Percy Prescott (see below) Feb 24, 1890 Aug 31, 1940 Mar 19, 1955 Resigned
Mrs. Sarah Ann Prescott (nee King) (see below) May 25, 1894 June 6, 1955 Aug 29, 1960 Resigned

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1960 Closing of Taylorton, SK (Western Dominion) Post Office.
Sarah Ann Prescott, Postmistress & Postal Supervisor Mr. Cross closing off the books.
Picture contributed by Sarah's Granddaughter, Ingrid Beahm

Postmaster Genealogy and Bios

First Postmaster- Hilliard Edwin Price
b- Mar 26, 1861, Lebanon, St. Clair County, Illinois, USA
Father -Donald Price
Wife- Margaret Gow,
b- Apr 11, 1870, Ontario
Daughter- Elizabeth (Bessie) May Price,
b- July 10, 1894 at Coalfields SK
Son- Malcolm (Mack) Price,
b- Aug 3, 1896 in USA
Son- Russell Aubrey Price,
b-July 15, 1898 in Estevan SK
Daughter- Zena (Ena) Price,
b- 1902 in Alberta
Daughter- Edna Price,
b- 1904 in Alberta
Daughter- Millie Price,
b- 1906 in Alberta
Daughter- Elna Price,
b- 1909 in Alberta Hilliard was single in 1891 census
Age 28, born in 1863 in USA, Free Church religion, living in Broadview Assiniboia.
1901 census shown born Mar 26, 1862 in USA, living in NW Medicine Hat, Assiniboia West (AB)
Occupation shown as restaurant
1906 census, age 41, living in Irving AB, at Section 30, Township 11, Range 3, W4,
Shown immigrated from US in 1867
1911 Census, age 46, SE Section 26, Township 11, Range 3, W4, Scotch nationality, Anglican religion
Alberta homestead records say Section 36, township 11, Range 3, W4

Neil Gow
b- July 22, 1867 in Midland ON
d- Feb 27, 1942 in Winnipeg, MB., age 74
Buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Plot: 9-G0142, Winnipeg MB
Applied for Homestead Grant #56120, Dec 16, 1892, at NE Section 32, Township 1, Range 6, W2
Found a Neil Gow who enlisted in WW1, reg 285639, living in Winnipeg MB.,
Shown married to Ida May Gow, Occupation- Well Driller. same guy?
1871 census shows him in Macaulay, Muskoka, ON, age 3. (note birth date on attestation form is 1871?)
1891 both living in Winnipeg, MB, he is shown as a Letter Carrier then
1906 census shows Neil and Ida living in Winnipeg MB
1921 Census shows them also in Winnipeg.
married- Ida Mary Hulse, Oct 29, 1890 in Winnipeg MB
b- ca 1874-75 in ON
d- Mar 1959 in Winnipeg MB
Buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Winnipeg MB
father- George Frederick Gow (age 35 in 1871), in England (see next postmaster)
mother- Elizabeth Gow (age 37 in 1871) in ON
4 siblings in 1871:
Fredrick George Gow, age 13 in 1871 in ON
Mary Ann Gow- age 11, in ON
Walter John Gow, age 6 in 1871 in ON
Margaret Gow, age 1, in 1871 in ON

George Frederick Gow
b- July 10, 1835 at Portsmouth England,
baptized July 19, 1835 at Saint Thomas, Portsmouth, Hampshire, England
d- Apr 15, 1911 in Winnipeg MB, age 75
Father- John Gow
Mother- Margaret Paterson
I believe he had a sister named Ann Gow
Married and had 6 children
Wife- Elizabeth Gow, b- 1833 or 1834 in Ontario
son- Frederick (Fred) George Gow,
b-1858 or 1859 in Ontario, who married Isabella (Bella) Brown
His son Fred had children in Coalfields area
1871 census living in Macaulay, Muskoka, Ontario
1891 census living in Subdistrict of Youville,
district of Provencher, MB
He was a Businessman, Farmer, Hotelier, and Indian agent. At the age of seventeen he accompanied his family to Canada West from Ireland, where he had spent his childhood. In 1878 the Conservative Government appointed him Indian Agent at Winnipeg but he resigned the position within a few months to become proprietor of the Morris House, Morris, Manitoba, where he combined farming with his hotel business for fifteen years. He moved to Estevan and was in the coal business there for twelve years. He then returned to Winnipeg, operating a real estate and insurance business until his retirement.

Isaac Cockburn
I found the following Isaac Cockburn that fits the bill, but can't verify this is the right one.
The one I found was born in 1841 in Berwick ON.
Retired from business interests in Coal Lumber and mining,
moved to Winnipeg around 1901. (which fits the resignation date here perfect)
Named after his Uncle Isaac Cockburn.
Served on Winnipeg City Council from 1918-1919
He died at Winnipeg May 8, 1927, buried at Gravenhurst ON
Father- Peter Clayton,
Mother- Mary Cockburn, nee ?
His wife was Alicia Secord,
b- ca 1839 in Canada
married Apr 13, 1876, in Toronto ON
she was a widow, first married name Clayton.
was a granddaughter of Laura Secord, nee Ingersoll,
Laura Secord (1775-1863), died age 93,
the heroine of the 1812 war.
Alicia's father was Charles Badeau Secord,(1809-1873) a barrister, who died in 1872,
His wife was Margaret Robbins. He was the only son of James and Laura Secord. He lived in Newark at one time.
Alicia's grandfather was a James Secord.
Isaac was a lumber merchant in Toronto in 1876
1907 he was in a court trial shown as former
Secretary Western Retail Lumber Dealer's Association
Isaac owned a mine here as early as 1892
that he sold to William Lemond Hamilton
The hamlet of Berwick Ontario, was first settled by four brothers from Scotland,
Adam, Peter, James and Isaac Cockburn, in the early 1800s.
They established Cockburn Corners, which was later renamed Berwick, after their home village in Scotland.

William Lemond Hamilton
b- May 11, 1868, Russell, Russell, ON
d- Oct 1933 in a Car Accident.
He married Ellen (Ella) McNeil
He became pit boss, manager, shareholder, then owner of the mine owned by Isaac Cockburn above.
The community of Coalfields grew up around the Hamilton mine, located in the side of the valley.
Hamilton built a substantial house called Eagle's nest above the mine, where his daughter Jessie was born.
In 1905 this mine was sold, and Hamilton moved to Medicine Hat, Alberta

Harold Lees
b- Sept 18, 1880, in Oldham, Lancashire, England
d- Mar 24, 1940 in Winnipeg, MB
Harold Immigrated in 1902 per 1906 census, but he actually immigrated Sept 25, 1903,
With his brother Ellis Lees to Roche Percee on the SS Ionian
married Mary Alice Lees nee Beech, June 13, 1905 in Estevan, SK
(Age 25 in 1906), b- in England,
She immigrated in 1905 per 1906 census
1906 both living in Coalfields
1911 family living in England, son Norman Lees age 3, born in Oldham, Lancashire, England
1921 family in Manitoba, daughter Winnifred age 2, b- in MB, Harold in Insurance at that time.
Son of John Lees (1849-1901) and Sarah Cooper (1850-1921)

Thomas Nelson
b- May 1879, in UK
Immigrated to Canada in 1904 from UK
He operated the retail store in 1911
1916 shown as an accountant at a Coal Mine, family living in Bienfait SK.
Son of Jane Nelson, who ran the boarding house #1
Jane Nelson, b- May 1845 in England immigrated in 1910
Thomas married Ruth Nelson, nee ?, b- ca 1881 in England
3 daughters by 1916
Doris Nelson, b- 1907 in SK
Eva Nelson, b- 1911 in England
Amy Nelson, b- 1911 in England

Joseph (Joe) Alexander Peverelle
from Birmingham UK,
immigrated in 1900 to Canada
b- Feb 1869, (per 1911 census)
actually birth reg bet Apr-June 1870
in King's Norton district, UK
d- Dec 4,1926,
buried in Taylorton Cemetery
bookkeeper at the Taylorton Mine
Father Joseph Peverelle (1845-1912),
Mother Teresa (nee Poncia) (1850-1933)
Joseph and Alice lived in House #2
in 1911 Census
Lived in Gary Indiana

Mrs. Alice Peverelle (nee Wilkinson)
Joseph Peverelle's wife
b- May, 1879 Harrogate, Yorkshire UK
immigrated in (June/July)1904 to Canada
She died in 1976, age 97
buried in Taylorton Cemetery

Percy Prescott
b- Feb 24, 1890, Golborne, Lancashire, UK
d-Aug 19, 1958, Grey Nuns Hospital, Regina, SK. age 68
buried in Bienfait Cemetery
Immigrated in 1911 from UK to Canada
Served in WWI, fought at Vimy Ridge
He worked as a Blacksmith and at the mines.
son of Henry Prescott and Ellen Davies

Mrs. Sarah Ann Prescott (nee King)
b- May 25, 1894, Brynn, Blackburn, Lancashire, UK
d- May 16, 1986, St Joseph Hospital, Estevan SK, age 92
buried in Bienfait Cemetery
daughter of James King and Alice Birchall


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