Taylorton- Archive Pictures 4

Taylorton, Saskatchewan, Canada

Photos Below courtesy Luscar Ltd, part of Archive Photo Place Mats, used at Bienfait Reunion 2005

Coal Haulage Car, ca 1933

Mine Office ca 1956

Loading Soo Coal Truck, with Shovel, ca 1950

Coal was dug by power shovels, and loaded into Special Diesel Coal Carriers,
The largest of which would carry 40 tons at a speed of 30 mph,
From the workings to the Tipple. (source- from Taylorton 1955 History Book)

Coal Haulers ca 1950

M & S Coal Co., 4-6-0 Steam Locomotive, and Coal Tender, ca 1907
Locomotive #107
It could haul 8 full rail cars from Taylorton to Bienfait. Tom Hitchen Engineer.

Wagon at Boiler Room, ca 1932

Settler Hauling Coal with a Wagon and 6-team of horses, early 1900's

Taylorton 1st Scout Troop at Carlyle Lake under leader Tom Hitchen
Camping at Carlyle lake 1931


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