Taylorton- Joseph James Photos

Taylorton, Saskatchewan, Canada

Photo Credits
All of the following pictures were taken ca 1928, by Joseph James, an ex Taylorton miner. (see below)
When his son Victor James recently died, The pictures were passed on to Gloria and Don Kallis, who live in Whitecourt Alberta.
Gloria has passed them on to me, to share with you. No other Public use is Permitted, without the permission of Gloria Kallis.

Photo Captions
Like most of these old photos, no captions. They were all in an Envelope marked “Taylorton”.
Some had the dates marked on the back, as noted. Most were marked with the year 1928.
I identified the Church from known pictures, and assume the rest are really Taylorton photos.

We need your help in identifying the Buildings, Places, and the People in these photos.
If you know any info on that picture, please email me with the results,
Please quote the picture Letter(s) with your message.

Hope you enjoy them as much as myself.

Houses, Buildings,


Tipple and Village Views

Some of these photos showed 1928 as the date on them, We know the 2nd tipple wasn't built until after 1935,
so this must be the first Tipple or other mining building, which is being shown under construction here, started July 29, 1928.

Equipment Views

Note- the original pictures I have scanned versions of, from Gloria Kallis, some have been cropped,
and all converted to Grayscale, to save Bandwidth and uploading time,
In no case have I eliminated anything important.
Usually just the old snap border, and some gray blank sky.
I tried to leave as much of the foreground, so you would see the dirt road etc.
I find most of the old photos get pretty yellow with age,
I prefer to see them in Grayscale as the original photo
would have looked. Some folks like the yellow look.
Can't please everyone though!

Joseph G. James- Photographer
b- abt 1885, age 37 in 1921, in Russia, family immigrated in 1920 to Canada, shown as a Miner, in Taylorton.
Father, Thomas James- born in Wales, living in Cardiff wales in 1920
Mother born in England
Joseph was married to Eugenie James, nee ?
b- age 32 (or 22?) in Russia
son- Victor James
b- ca 1914, (age 7 in 1921), in Russia
Uncle- Johnathon James living with them in 1921
b- ca 1871, (age 50 in 1921), in Wales
Immigration in May 1920 on SS Megantic to Quebec, from Liverpool,
Heading to his brother, Thomas Clemens James, in Alameda SK., who immigrated in 1907
Joseph is shown born in Russia, but a British Citizen, shown as a farmer when he immigrated.


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