Taylorton- John Edwardson Family

Taylorton, Saskatchewan, Canada

Edwardson's Boarding House in Taylorton

It seems 4 Edwardson Brothers came from a coal miner family, in Lancashire England to Taylorton in early 1900.

I received this correction below, Apr 26, 2015, from David Harvey, Richmond BC, If you need more info on this family, please contact me
Anyway, I should like to offer you a brief copy of my records in the form or a descendancy chart for Richard Edwardson (b. 1781) and Esther Potter (b. 1779).
I have documentation for almost all of what I have recorded, and would be pleased to share that if you wish. As a first step I should like to suggest on your front page that John Edwardson's mother was not Mary Prescot, but rather Mary Anne Caldwell, (b. Golborne, 18 Nov 1844); and married to Abel Edwardson (b. Ashton in Makerfield, 17 Mar 1835) on 6 Feb 1864 in Ashton in Makerfield. Mary Prescot (b. 1829 in Golborne) was married to a different Abel Edwardson (b. 13 Mar 1830 in Golborne).
Marriage was 22 Jun 1851 at St Thomas, Ashton in Makerfield, Lancashire.
The two Abel Edwardson's are 1st cousins, with common ancestors Richard Edwardson and Mary Potter.

John Edwardson family
John Edwardson (Sr.)
b- Apr 22, 1864 in Ashton in Makerfield, Lancashire, England
d- Mar 13, 1948, age 83
buried in Bienfait SK Cemetery

Occupation- Steam Engineer in 1911 in coal mine in Taylorton
left England May 30, 1907 on SS Tunisian, arrived in Canada, June 7, 1907

son of Abel Edwardson and Mary Anne Caldwell (see above)
His father- Abel Edwardson
b- ca 1835 in Ashton, Lancashire, England
d- 1905
He was a coal miner in Golborne in 1871
wife Mary in London, age 21 in 1871, age 38 in 1891
mother- Mary Anne Caldwell
b- Nov 18, 1844 in Golborne (see above)

John's siblings that I know of:

son- Abel Edwardson
b- Aug 21, 1857 in Golborne, Lancashire
I assume he died early as another son Abel was born later

daughter- Naomi Edwardson
b- ca 1866 in Ashton, Lancashire

daughter- Amelia Edwardson
b- ca 1868 in Ashton, Lancashire

daughter- Hagar Edwardson
b- bet Apr-June 1870, in Golborne, Lancashire, England
d- Mar 1942, Leigh Reg. Dist., Lancashire, age 71
she married Thomas Anderton bet Apr-June 1892 Leigh Reg. Dist., Lancashire

son- Ishmael Edwardson
b- 1872 in Ashton, Lancashire
d- 1927
(see below)

son- Esau Edwardson
b- bet Jan -Mar 1875, in Ashton, Lancashire, England
d- Dec 1956 in Ince Reg Dist, Lancashire, England
married twice
One wife was Jane Edwardson, nee ?
and they had a daughter
Jane Edwardson,
b- July 28, 1896 in Ashton in Makerfield, Lancashire, England

son- Nahum Edwardson
b- 1877 in Ashton, Lancashire, England
(see below)

son- Ezekiel Edwardson
b- bet July-Sept 1881 in Ashton, Lancashire, England
d- July-Sept 1897, Leigh, Lancashire, England

son- Abel Edwardson
ca 1883 in Ashton, Lancashire, England
(see below)

daughter- Omega Edwardson
b- bet Apr-June 1886, in Ashton, Lancashire, England
d- bet Jan-Mar 1948, in Yorkshire West riding dist., England
married Thomas Rigby, Jan-Mar 1910, Wigan Reg dist, Lancashire

John (Sr.) married- Margaret Edwardson, nee Davies, July 4, 1885, St. Thomas Church, Ashton in Makerfield, Wigan Reg Dist, Lancashire, England, by Rev. H. Siddall
b- June 12, 1861
d- 1949

Margaret and 3 children, Morell, Mary, and John, immigrated Oct 20, 1907 on SS Lake Manitoba, arrived in Montreal Quebec, left from Liverpool
she was joining her husband in Taylorton

1911 family in House no 3 in Taylorton

daughter- Edith Edwardson
b- bet Jan-Mar 1886, ( age 15 in 1901), in Golborne, Lancashire, England, she left England May 30, 1907 on SS Tunisian, age 20, arrived in Canada, June 7, 1907, with her father John age 40
she married Albert Charles Pritchard, Oct 12, 1910 in Winnipeg MB, lived in Winnipeg ca 1945

son- Morell Edwardson
b- Feb 18, 1892 in Golborne, Lancashire, England
d- May 13, 1971, Regina SK, age 79
buried in Legion Section, Bienfait Cemetery
enlisted in WWI, mar 21, 1916 in Hamilton ON, Reg # 240089
next of kin, wife- Janet Edwardson, nee ?
occupation- Stationary Engineer
shown in 1921 census in Taylorton, age 29
Lived in Roche Percee ca 1945
wife- Janet Elizabeth Gilmour Ross
b- in Scotland
d- Oct 31, 1918 in Estevan SK, age 22
Buried in Taylorton Cemetery
Child born Oct, 1918 died Oct, 1918 and is buried in Taylorton as well
wife shown as Isabella Edwardson
b- ca 1900 in Scotland.
daughter- Freda May Edwardson,
b- ca 1916 in SK
son- Normand, (Norman?) Edwardson,
b- ca 1918 in SK

He retired in 1961 and moved to Regina
when he died, wife- Dora Edwardson, and 3 sons, and 3 daughters

daughter- Mary Edwardson
b- May 1896, in England

son- John Edwardson (Jr.)
b- Mar 17, 1897, Golborne, Lancashire, England
d- Nov 11, 1946 in Grand Forks, BC
enlisted in WWI, Apr 19, 1918 in Regina SK
shown born in 1896 on his attestation form.
Occupation- Engineer
LC 472957, reg # 259268
next of kin, father- John Edwardson in Taylorton
occupation- Electric Engineer in Coal Mine in Taylorton in 1916
Lived in Grand Forks, BC, 1945

son- Austin Edwardson

Abel Edwardson
b- bet July-Sept 1883, Wigan Reg. Dist. Lancashire, England
d- Oct 26, 1948 died entering a funeral chapel in Estevan, age 65
buried in Bienfait Cemetery
came to Bienfait, Canada Oct 29, 1909, on Empress of Britain, age 27, with his wife, son and daughter
Moved to Estevan in 1934
member of the Elks Club in Estevan
son of Abel Edwardson and Mary Caldwell (I think Prescot?)
he was married,
wife- Margaret Edwardson
b- 1886 in England (age 23 when she immigrated in 1909)
d- 1949

daughter- Edith Edwardson, at Taylorton
b- ca 1907 in England

son- Morrell Edwardson, in Estevan
b- Apr 11, 1909 in Bamfurlong, Lancashire, England
d- Nov 11, 1989 in Estevan SK
when he came to Bienfait, Canada he was 10 mo old
He married Gertrude Maybelle Muirhead, a teacher
they had 4 children

Nahaem “Nahum” Edwardson
b- 1877 Lancashire, England
d- Dec 30, 1946
buried in Bienfait Cemetery
Fireman Miner when he immigrated
family came to Bienfait, Canada Oct 29, 1909, on Empress of Britain
1921 he is shown age 44 in Taylorton as a miner

married Mary Elizabeth Naylor in 1900, Wigan Reg dist, Lancashire
b- age 43 in 1921, in England
children shown in 1921 with Nahum and Mary in Taylorton
Sidney, b- ca 1903- fireman in Coal mine in Taylorton
Nahum (Nahaem?), b- ca 1906, driver in a Coal mine in Taylorton
Edna, ca 1909
all 3 above born in England

Laura Edwardson, ca 1916, in SK
she married Daniel P. Vass, who died Dec 21, 1944 in action in Italy, age 30
She lived in Estevan when she got married

another wife?- Margaret Edwardson
b- ca 1878 in England

daughter- Elsie Edwardson, b- ca 1901 in England
son- Sydney Edwardson, ca 1903 in England
son- Nahaem Edwardson, ca 1906 in England
daughter- Edna Edwardson, b- 10 mo old in 1909, in England
Edna married Harry Hunter from Oxbow, in 1932, she was a RN
she retired in 1972

Ishmael Edwardson
b- Aug 24, 1872 in Ashton in Makerfield, Lancashire, England
d- Jan 24, 1927, Montreal, Quebec, age 53
buried in Mount Royal Cemetery, Montreal, Quebec
1911- Coal Miner- Hewer, in Ashton in Makerfield, Lancashire, England

one source says his father was Abel and mother Mary Smith? (I think Prescot?)
but Maybe Abel had 3 wives? all named Mary?
Ishmael married Ellen Jackson, bet Jan-Mar 1893, Wigan Reg Dist, Lancashire
b- 1872 in England
d- Apr 14, 1959
Family came to Canada Oct 27, 1912 on the SS Corsican or was it Oct 26 1912 on the SS Laurentic?
same family, 2 different ships, 1 day apart? one record leaving England, other arriving.

Annie Edwardson-
b- May 9, 1893, Ashton in Makerfield, Lancashire, England
worked in a factory in Golborne

Bertha Edwardson-
b- Apr 14, 1895 in Ashton in Makerfield, Lancashire, England
worked in Cocoa Factory in 1911

Lilian Edwardson-
b- July 1, 1897 in Ashton in Makerfield, Lancashire, England

Harold Edwardson-
b- Nov 7, 1899, Ashton in Makerfield, Lancashire, England
d- Nov 6, 1985

Jane Edwardson- ca 1901, age 11
May Edwardson- ca 1903, age 9
Hilda Edwardson- ca 1905, age 7
Maggie Edwardson- ca 1908, age 4


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