Taylorton- Black Diamond School

Taylorton, Saskatchewan, Canada

Black Diamond School #1898
Located at SE Section 10, Township 2, Range 6 W2
It was a 2 room School
Pupils attended from M&S Mine as well as Taylorton.
It was located midway between M&S and Taylorton

Original Black Diamond School, ca 1920
Courtesy Luscar Ltd., part of Archive Place Mat Photos, used at Bienfait Reunion 2005.

Teacher's Names as I find them:
Mrs. Wheeler, now Mrs. Dzuba, 1951- see below
Mrs. Wetsch, Grades 1-4
Mrs. Holmgren, Grade 5
Mr. R. Alpin- 1954 - came from Britain with his wife and 3 children to teach here
Mr. P. J. Stevenson ca 1936
Mr. Treffery - (fought in WWI)

1945/46 School Picture
Courtesy Luscar Ltd., part of Archive Place Mat photos, used at Bienfait Reunion 2005.

Taylorton School, Junior Room, 1951
Students- Front Row- ( Left to Right)- Sheila Wrigley, Valerie Mickel, Joyce Taylor-Frandsen (see below), Vivian Mickel, Carol Holitzki, Donna Backman, and Lorraine Fiest.
Second Row- Jim Wrigley, Ian Pryznyk, Lawrence Wetch, Larry Wheeler, Donald Panteluk, and Garry Katrusik.
Third Row- Carol Wheeler, Joyce Lees, Brent Graham, Louise Fiest, and Brenda Pryznyk.
Fourth Row- Sharon Mickel, Gerry Kellington, Allan Doerr, and Delores Leska.
Teacher was Mrs. Wheeler, now Mrs. Dzuba

From an email- from Joyce Taylor-Frandsen, re: picture above-
“I am the Taylor girl, in the school picture without a first name, can't believe they couldn't remember me.”
So now we all know, and history is corrected!
Old Newspaper Photo is credited to Lawrence Wetsch.


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