Bienfait- Video and Misc. Links

Bienfait, Saskatchewan, Canada

Bienfait Cemetery

Canadian Place Names

Virtual Saskatchewan Site

Rootsweb Canadian Maps Site
Has a 1926 Sask Highways map
and a 1935-40 CNR map of Western Provinces
plus a link to my 1927 Map site
Excellent info on Rootsweb, but appears to be a slow connection now?

Birth/Death SK Index

Western Land Grants

Passenger lists 1865-1922

CEF WWI Search

Pool Elevator Maps 1924/25

Estevan Mercury

No STC bus anymore thanks to Brad Wall and his buddies, so this is only way to get to Estevan from Regina, and vice-versa.
Note- I do not have anything to do with this business. I do not know if they are good or bad.

Town of Bienfait- Official Page

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