Bienfait- 1927 Map

Bienfait, Saskatchewan, Canada

This is a Portion of My Dad's 1927 Map of Bienfait and area.
I have added the Railroads and Highway numbers
I have also added the location of the Gent Farm
located 1 mile south of Bienfait on Highway 39

I have numbered these Coal Mines, and will try and name each mine eventually
1. The Eastern Mine
2. M&S (Manitoba and Saskatchewan)
3. Kingdon & Coates Mine
4. ?
5. M&S also?
6. ?
7. ?
8. ?
9. ?
10. ?
Green A top right corner= Lignite School
I have a small history book of this school with names of some of the students.
The little booklet was produced in 1991 for a Cairn and Plaque Ceremony marking the location of this rural school
It was built in 1906 on SE 1/4 of Sec 26, Tsp 2, Rge 6 W2
It was a one room wood frame building, built on a foundation of stone

This Map is another view of the 1927 map showing Estevan and Shand location relative to Bienfait

This is an original copy with nothing added
the P and T in the circles stands for Post Office and Telegraph Office respectively
the little E in the circle indicates a Grain Elevator in the town
the little G in the circle stands for a Garage in the town
The number 1905 under Bienfait is the elevation in feet above sea level
- - - dash line indicates road
small thin solid line is a Railroad
Heavy solid line is a Highway
little crossed pick and shovel symbols are Coalmine locations
Both of the maps above are left quite large on purpose

Original Map is titled “Weyburn”, Shown Bottom center
SECTIONAL MAP # 20 shown in upper right corner
This map was produced by:
the Office of the Topographical Survey of Canada, Ottawa, in January of 1927,
Department of the Interior
Hon. Charles Stewart, Minister; W. W. Cory Deputy Minister is printed at the top of the Map
It is compiled from surveys by the Topographical Survey of Canada
up to Sept 1924, and from information supplied by Dominion and Provincial Departments and by Railroad Companies
It is a Revision of map of Sept 1917
It comprises an area from Tatagwa just west of Weyburn, top left corner to south of Ratcliffe (West of Torquay) bottom left
to East of Northgate in bottom right, to north of Manor upper right
or to be exact, Tp1 to Tp8 (south to North), R1 to R15 (East to West) West of Second Meridian
Original scale 3 miles to one inch
(note- maps above have been blown up before scanning, so scale isn't the same)
It is a very stiff paper, and quite yellow and brittle

No where on the map is shown a copyright symbol
therefore I feel safe in reproducing it here.
The original price my Dad, (or his Dad), paid for it was 25 cents
If it was in a folder form, it was 50 cents
Hope you enjoy it!


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