Bienfait- Misc. Photos

Bienfait, Saskatchewan, Canada

Old Cream Separator, used as a planter, taken on Carbon Ave, July 2000

Bradley's Meat Market and Legion 1965 Parade

Bienfait School Chums- ca 1957-58
From the Left- Back- Vernon Sane, Bill Baker, Doug Gent, Dwayne Walliser
Front Left: Bonnie Walliser, Brian Kukura, Terry Walliser (Sane) & Sandra Gettis.
Thanks to Dwayne Walliser for this one
Notice that new patch on my knee, those were the best pants I had, no doubt!
and with those ears, Dumbo would have been proud!

This was George Kingdon's Place, on Carbon Ave. in 2000
This House belonged to his Grandma, Maggie Kingdon,
and is the house my dad died of a heart attack in

Steam Tractor, July 1970, Bienfait Parade
Photo courtesy Adele Trethart, nee Lischka

Cuddington Hardware Float, Bienfait Parade, Dean Sane on roof
photo courtesy Dean Sane May 25, 2021


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