Bienfait- Census Information

Bienfait, Saskatchewan, Canada

All Canadian Census are searchable online for free, except 1921.

Automated Genealogy Web Site, Transcribed by Volunteers, with thanks another great resource.
It has a great search feature. Can't go wrong, it's a winner!


Remember Bienfait is located at Section 19 - Township 2 - Range 6 W2

CENSUS 1904- 50 person
CENSUS 2001- 786 persons

Cindy called me yesterday, and the call scared the hell out of me. Joan is in red deer hospital for 3 days now, with a bladder infection. Wayne told me she has lost a lot of weight which isn’t good. Wayne sounded the same. No seizures on new drug, but it keeps him the same level, so no improving. He does walk, takes cab to hospital. Walks 2 block to mall for drugs and groceries. So that is latest news there.


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