Bienfait- 1955 History Book

Bienfait, Saskatchewan, Canada

History of Bienfait Book- 1955
Published by: Bienfait High School Student Council

This book was an undertaking
of the Bienfait High School

It was printed in conjunction
with the Saskatchewan Golden Jubilee.

I quote most of my material in this web page, from this book, and always want to give credit where credit is deserved. It is with the forethought of the persons listed below, that the history of the Town of Bienfait is here today.

Thanks to you all!

I will write the credits as they appear in the front of the book. The old Printing press used was poor to say the least and some names are hard to read, but will do my best. If any errors in spelling etc please drop me a line

Name of Committee Convenor Staff Adviser
Geography of the Community Shirley Hitchen Mr. Ed Gesell
Earliest Inhabitants Lorraine Dillman Mr. Ed Gesell
Coming of the Settlers Tom Sernick Mr. Dornstauder
Pioneer Settlement Gloria Lasko Mr. Dornstauder
Political Development Eric Leonard Mr. Tangjerd
Trade Unions Eric Leonard Mr. Tangjerd
The Schools Emil Ziegler Mrs. Elchyson
The Churches Pauline Dutka Mrs. Elchyson
Recreation and Social Life Edward Bozak Mr. Ed Gough
The Community in the World Wars Marjorie Wetch Mr. Gough
Conclusion Dorothy Krupka Mr. Tangjerd

They thanked the following People for the Information
They gave for the History of Bienfait Booklet

  • Mrs. T. Anderson
  • Mr. I. Antonichak
  • Rev. R. Bater
  • Mr. D. Bozak
  • Mr. C. Brooks
  • Mr. C. Ciepliski
  • Mr. G. Cook
  • Mrs. J. Cooper
  • Mr. J. Cooper
  • Mr. A. H. Cuddington
  • Mr. V. Doerr
  • Mr. H. Dunbar
  • Mr. M. Dunbar
  • Mr. F. Elchyson
  • Mr. H. Enmark
  • Mr. J. Elchyson
  • Mrs. H. Folgate

<colg lg=“6” xs=“12”>

  • Mrs. E. Goddard
  • Mr. E. Goddard
  • Rev. E. Horvath
  • Mr. Les Kingdon
  • Mr. C. Knight
  • Mr. A. McQuarrie
  • Mr. L. Pickard
  • Mrs. V. Rhiendal
  • Mr. E. Shasharoski
  • Mr. E. Sinclair
  • Mr. P. Taylor
  • Mr. B. Ward
  • Mr. L. Weppler
  • Mrs. V. Ellis
  • Mr. G. White
  • Mrs. E. Wilson


  • Editor- Murray Weppler
  • Assistant Editor- Dalbert Sane
  • Social Editor- Marion Davies
  • Sports Editor- Lawrence Muirhead
  • Educational Reporters - Marcia Elchyson & Wayne Taylor

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Chief Printer-Dalbert Sane
Lorraine Dillman
Edward Bozak
Marilyn Metheson
Marjorie Smerek
Maude Abood
Jack Doerr
Sophie Andruschak
and many others

Staff Adviser -Mr. A. E. Gough

</col> <colg lg=“6” xs=“12”>

Bud Pidlisecky
Dalbert Sane
Murray Weppler
Marjorie Smerek
Proof Reader -Shirley Hitchen

The Complete Staff

</col> <colg lg=“6” xs=“12”>

Bud Pidlisecky
Murray Weppler
Dalbert Sane

Designed by Elizabeth Smerek
Note- It seems all were printed with various colors of Poster Paper

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  • Beryl Weppler
  • Edward Bozak
  • Shirley Hitchen
  • Herby Widdifield
  • Irma Brown
  • Thelma Hassard


Thanks to you all for saving this history!

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