Bienfait- Maps in the Area

Bienfait, Saskatchewan, Canada

Some of these maps are from the 1955 History of Bienfait Book
They were hand drawn and faded, so not all letters are perfectly clear
Top of all Maps is North

Map of Bienfait Town Site
This page has a Modified Version of this map
with links and descriptions of locations of businesses, churches, residences, etc

1940 Mining Map

This is a picture of a map, and therefore is of poor quality to start with and virtually unreadable in some areas, I have tried to improve it for you as best I can to show the location of some of the mines in the Bienfait, Taylorton district in 1940. The bottom of the map is the worst and I have guessed on the Hamilton name rest I think are accurate. Some are unreadable to guess at.

Bienfait Coalfields in 1955

Map of the Main Industries around Bienfait in 1955

Road Map of Bienfait and Area


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