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Bienfait, Saskatchewan, Canada

Bienfait: The Saskatchewan Miners' Struggle of '31
Author-Stephen Lyon Endicott from Toronto, Ontario
Published by: University of Toronto Press, 2002.
ISBN 0-8020-3593-0 (bound) : $60.00.
ISBN 0-8020-8452-4 (pbk.) : $21.95
Paperback; 61 Halftones, 4 Maps, 224 pages

All My Life
Rev A. E. Smith
An Autobiography 1871-1947
Written by Albert Edward Smith
Progress Books, Toronto
First printing 1949, 2nd 1977
Miner's Blood on Estevan Coal
ISBN0-919396-41-0 pa

No doubt Rev. Smith was sympathetic to the Communist movement. His details and writings here are off the cuff and uncensored. I think it gives a good account from the miner's point of view, especially the Union leaders, who were his close friends. He was a Methodist preacher. Would he speak and write the truth? will leave that for you to decide. There is no doubt in my mind, his account of the living conditions of the miners and their families at that time is 100% true. As a minister, he would see that with his own 2 eyes. And years later it has all proven to be true.

History of Bienfait 1955
Bienfait High School Student Council, Saskatchewan Golden Jubilee Project. Locally Published, long ago out of print.There is a Copy in the Bienfait Library
and I have most of the book online here.
1955 Bienfait History Book

Hockey Towns
Stories of Small Town Hockey in Canada
Bill Boyd, William T. Boyd
Publisher: Doubleday, Canada, Toronto -1999
ISBN 0-385-25783-X
Below is one Critics quote:
“The chapter on hockey in Bienfait may be as revealing as anything ever written on hockey in small-town Canada.”
Sounds good to me!

Saskatchewan Archives, Regina
James Herbert Cuddington Snr. 1911-1978
Buried in Bienfait Cemetery
Contains brief historical summaries of the history of certain sports in Bienfait, including baseball, boxing, flying, skating, etc.

When Whiskey Ruled The West
Dr. James Henry Gray (1906-1998)
Dr. James H. Gray was born in Whitemouth, Manitoba in 1906 and spent his childhood years in Winnipeg.
Publisher: Macmillan of Canada -1972 (Fifth House Publishers) 243 pages
ISBN- 18956 18606

Toil and Trouble- 1931
an oral history of industrial unrest in the Estevan-Bienfait Coalfields
(contains 2 songs by Glenn Koudelka)
Saskatchewan. Department of Culture and Youth.
Regina: Department of Culture and Youth, 1975.
U of S Special Collections FC3523.9.E7S25T6

Coaldust Grins Portraits of Canadian Coal Miners
Lawrence Chrismas
Cambria Publishing, Calgary AB, 312 pages Cd Companion below
Mailing address: Cambria Publishing
Box 61083 Kensington P.O. Calgary, Alberta Canada T2N 4S6
Phone: 403 270-3547

Estevan- The Power Centre
Andrew King (1885-1981)
Modern Press in Saskatoon- 1967
203 pages
Regina Public Library
2311 12th ave

This is Saskatchewan
Robert Moon
foreword by W.J. Patterson
Ryerson Press, Toronto -1953
Regina Public Library
2311 12th ave
Prairie History

Born Naked
Farley Mowat
Farley was born in 1921 in Belleville, Ontario, the only child of Angus and Helen Mowat.
ISBN 0395735289
Special Note- This Book has a Chapter about my Grandfather and Grandmother, Percy & Fannie Gent who lived on the farm, 1 mile south of Bienfait, where the family camped for the night on the way to Saskatoon.

Memories of Shand
History of a Saskatchewan Coal Mining Community
Compiled and edited by Alice Pawson.
Some of the people from Shand moved to Bienfait

Grass Roots
Written by Heather Robertson, from Winnipeg
Photographs by Myfanwy Phillips
Contributor Myfanwy Phillips
Edition: illustrated
Published by James Lorimer & Company, 1973
ISBN 0888620993, 9780888620996
370 pages

A Tale that is Told, Estevan 1890-1980
Estevan History Book Committee
Box 907, Estevan Sask., S4A 2A3
Printed by Friesen Printers, Altona MB
2 volumes
ISBN 0-919934-08-0
Was also for sale at the Estevan Library, I am not sure if it still is. Section on Coal Mining but very little on Bienfait; A very good set of books!

James Keelaghan
Tranquilla Music / Dirty Linen (CD002)

A Musical Portrait CD
Cambria Publishing
A music Cd Companion to the book above
Mailing address:
Cambria Publishing
Box 61083 Kensington P.O.
Calgary, Alberta Canada T2N 4S6
Phone: 403 270-3547

2 songs: Estevan, and Rush to the Mine
by Glenn Koudelka
U of S Special Collections

Fred Mandel called me a while back and told me had a new album coming out with a song about the Miner's riot.

VHS- ESTEVAN / BIENFAIT MINER'S STRIKE 1931 I hope this has been digitized since then.
sponsored Partly by the C.L.C.
Used to be able to loan this from the Estevan Library
It was an Excellent Video with actual interviews with some of those involved
Highly Recommended!

They made 2 videos of this. I have 2 VHS tapes of them, but no DVD versions.

Black Powder (Estevan, 1931)
Script by Rex Deverell
Music and lyrics by Geoffrey Ursell
ISBN 0-919926-13-4
$5.00 trade paper


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