Bienfait Police

Bienfait, Saskatchewan, Canada

(with some personal research added)

The North-West Mounted Police arrived in the year 1902. Their only means of transportation was on horseback and sleighs.

One of the first “Mounties”

Sergeant Major Henry “Larry” Lett
b- June 2, 1864 in Country Wrexford, Ireland
Shown born in Liverpool England, per his Boer War enlistment form,
He immigrated in 1895,
(another online record says 1896, from Liverpool to Quebec, b- 1867)
d- Jan 16, 1934, age 69, in Regina Hospital after ruptured appendix operation.
Funeral in St. Matthews Church Regina,
buried Jan 19, 1934, Regina Cemetery, Regina SK.

Living at 2323 Winnipeg St. Regina before he died
Lived on 4th st. in Estevan, where the court house is now.

wife Ann (or Annie) (Anna in 1906 Census) Promhouse (or Prourhouse),
b- Apr 1887 in USA, immigrated in 1902 (1903 per 1906 census)
Anna shown age 23 in 1906 census,
Henry, (shown as Harry in 1906 census age 30, born in Ireland, living in Estevan)
I think Larry, should actually be Harry, which is a nickname for Henry.

daughter- Margaret Lett
b- May 1903 in SK. per 1911 census

daughter- Daisy Harriet Lett
b- Feb 25, 1905 in Estevan SK

son- Carlisle Henry Lett,
b- Mar 27, 1908 in Estevan SK,
living in Bengough SK in 1934
married Annette Wilson, Jan 15, 1932,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Wilson

son- Godfrey Samuel Lett
living at home in Regina, in 1934
in 1945 there was a Private Godfrey Lett
in the American glider infantry 194 somewhere in Luxembourg.
in 1947 he was in North Carolina in the music industry

one of the daughters was a Mrs. A. H. Warren Jr. of St Paul, MN, USA

Living in Estevan 1911 Canada census
1906 census, no kids?, shown living in Estevan

Henry attended King's School in Chester England
spending his early years in England.

One article stated his career was colourful in the extreme.

At 17 years of age, straight from school, he enlisted in the 4th Royal Irish Dragoons
One year later promoted to rank of Corporal, and sent to Egypt, in the expedition of Sir Garnet Joseph Wolseley.
The same Wolseley that was in the Riel Rebellion, and namesake of Wolseley Saskatchewan.
Henry later transferred to the Royal Horse Artillery, and saw active service in India and South America.
Taking his honourable discharge he then joined the Bechuanaland Border Police, and took part in the famous Jamieson Raid.
Returned to England, until 1896 when he came to Canada. Arriving in Canada he joined the NWMP

Henry enlisted in the Boer War (1899-1900) in Calgary on Jan 11, 1900
Corp- Canadian Mounted Rifles
He was 32 and a 1/2 years old
5ft 8 in height
medium complexion, dark brown hair, brown eyes, stoutly built
scar on left ankle, also right side of head.
Church of England religion
Father- S. Lett, living at 25 Percy St, Princes Park, Liverpool, Lancashire, England
shown as single in 1900.
Member of the NWMP for 3 years, when he enlisted in 1900
Rank- Private, no 187
Discharged Jan 14, 1901
When he enlisted he already had the following medals
Queens Medal with 4 clasps:
Johannesburg, Diamond Hill, Cape Colony, Orange Free State
he received the King's and Queen's Medals,
and the Kimberley Star.

Henry Lett's Signature

Mr. Lett is recorded as guiding Winston Churchill to safety after Churchill's escape from General Botha in the Boer War.
Churchill was a young war correspondent at the time. Lett was a Scout in the Canadian force in SA.

I found Henry in the 1881 UK census still living at 25 Percy St,
only no father shown, but mother Sarah Lett shown as Married, not widowed.
So father was somewhere else on census day it appears.
I would bet his father was Samuel Lett, b- Sept 10, at Christchurch-Hunter St, 1837 in Liverpool, Lancashire, England.
Samuel's father was Henry Lett, Samuel's mother Elizabeth Lett
Henry is shown as the oldest child born 1865 in Liverpool,
age 16, occupation- apprentice
Samuel Lett, b- 1866
Margaret Lett, b- 1868
Sarah Lett, b- 1876
Stephen Lett, b- 1869
Ethel Lett, b- 1872
Mabel Lett, b- 1869
all born in Liverpool (note year born from 1881 census, which is known to have errors)
living with the family a servant, Mary Gilroy born in Ireland
and 2 lodgers
H. J. Jacob, from the Netherlands, Comm Clerk
and then the biggest surprise of all
an A. C. Bienfait, from the Netherlands, Comm Clerk, age 22
Now I believe this very well could be Antoine Charles Bienfait, The Banker, who Bienfait got it's name from
I show Antoine born in July 1857, this fellow is shown born in 1859.
Now would this not be a big coincidence latter on?
Too bad they list initials only in 1881 census.

I know one of Henry's brothers was a J. Lett living in Regina in Jan 1932

A Samuel Lett married Sarah Ann Coulsting Charles
bet July-Sept 1863 in Liverpool
my guess Henry's father and mother.
I found a Henry Charles Lett
birth registered bet July-Sept 1864 in West Derby Reg Dist. Lancashire
and I think this is him.
Why was his nickname Larry though?

1894 directory shows a Mrs. Lett at 25 Percy st in Liverpool

He was a member of the Independent Order of Oddfellows, in Estevan, Lodge #4, in 1912

In the 1920's, as a veteran of the force, He was demoted from Sergeant, and 2nd in command at Weyburn, to rank of Corporal,
for running his vehicle without oil.

He took over the detachment at Wood-End in 1904.

He retired in 1918 with the rank of Sergeant-Major.
He then served 8 years with the Saskatchewan Provincial Police.
While he was stationed in Weyburn, ca 1903, he is given credit for disarming and arresting the “Idaho Kid” also known as “Idaho Bill”,
who was shooting up the town and people in the town of Weyburn.
He was appointed Sergeant-at-Arms in the SK Leg. Assembly June 1, 1927, where he served until he died in 1934
He spent 53 years in military and police service.

He chased many horse thieves, and bank robbers in his career. Even down into the states, returning with his man!

One of the first Saskatchewan Provincial Police, or S.P.P. was Robert Dunbar.

Some of the duties of the Provincial Police were:
1) To catch criminals and law-breakers
2) To go to the homesteaders during the winter months to see if the families were in need of coal
3) To put out prairie fires.

Incidents which required the aid of the police were:
1) The murder of Paul Matoff one night in October of the year 1922 at the height of the border-booze-running period.
2) They were responsible for catching the rum-runners who stole carloads of whiskey and trucked it out of town.

In 1920- Corporal Hunter- Weyburn detachment went to Portal

in 1924, Corporal McCutcheon, Constable Barker

in 1925, Corporal A. McCutcheon, Constable Rosengreen, Constable Wood,
were involved in an incident in River Park.

ca 1922 time of Paul Matoff's murder in Bienfait, these names below, are recorded as members of the S.P.P.
Sergeant L. H. Worgan (see below)

Corporal John Molyneux, . Estevan
photo ca 1946

John Molyneux and his wife, date 1918-1927, place unknown
John is dressed in his Saskatchewan Provincial Police Uniform
Photos courtesy his grandson John Molyneux

Detective Sergeant Walter Mortimer- Weyburn division

Constable Promhouse (surname appears above, Lett's wife)

ca 1921 a complaint was made against members of the S.P.P. after the Page murder trial.
An investigation was conducted in Estevan, by Inspector Simpson.
Under investigation Sgt. Worgan charged with ejecting C.A. Manlove,
after he was asked to give up his seat in the court room, for a lady.
He stated he was for 29 years, a soldier, or a policeman, with not one complaint. (see below)
Corporal Taylor refused admission to another citizen. Sounds like petty charges to me.

Sergeant, Leonard Harry Worgan
b- bet Apr-June, 1886, in Paddington Reg Dist, London, England,
d- Feb 1, 1946, in Boundary Bay, Whatcom, Washington, USA age 62
Came to Canada in 1900. (see below)
He joined the Royal Canadian Mounted Rifles in Winnipeg MB, in 1905.
In 1909 he joined the Royal Northwest Mounted Police.
Regimental Number 5093.
1916 census he is shown living on Frederick St, in Moose Jaw, married, shown born in Wales here,
wife Marie M. Worgan, age 22 in ON, with 2 children:
son- Donald Edward Worgan, age 1 in SK, and son Leonard Stewart Worgan, age 15 days in 1916, in SK
Leonard Stewart Worgan died in 1990, married to Mary Phyllis Worgam, Lawrenson, she died Aug 26, 2013.
I believe they had a son Harold Leonard Stewart Worgan, b- Jan 31, 1914 in Ogema SK. and d- Apr 11, 1914 in Ogema, buried in Ogema SK

When he was discharged in 1918 he joined the Saskatchewan Provincial Police Force,
as a Corporal, in charge of Moose Jaw Detachment.
In 1919 he was transferred to the Yorkton Detachment.
In Dec 1920 promoted in rank and pay to Patrol Sergeant,
and transferred to Weyburn Division, Headquarters Staff.
1921 census shown in Weyburn, shown as Harry Worgan age 36, born in South Wales here, with wife Marie age 27
sons Donald Ed. Worgan age 6, and Leonard Stewart Worgan, age 5, and now a daughter Nora Worgan, age 3.
In Jan 1923 he was transferred to Prince Albert.
June 1, 1928 he was appointed Acting Chief of Police in Prince Albert.
under the jurisdiction of the RCMP
May 31, 1931 he retired from the RCMP, after 21 years service.
When he retired he was in charge of the Downtown Station on Cornwall St. in Regina
He received 6 sterling silver spoons as a retirement gift.
His wife was at Salmon Arm BC,
where he intended to run a farm.
shown age 21, in Winnipeg in 1906
I strongly believe he was part of Dr. Bernardo's Home Children
when he came to Canada in 1900.(date from a newspaper article)
found a ship transcript that list him on board
the SS Dominion that sailed from Liverpool on Mar 27, 1902
landing in Portland Maine, Apr 2, 1902,
they were heading to a farm home at Russell for practical training
He was shown age 16 from London.
In the newspaper article he doesn't mention parents or family
just his wife. Strange part he isn't listed in BC Death Records?
I believe his mother was Sarah Worgan, who was in a workhouse Harrow Rd, SW
I believe Leonard b- 1886 and a sister Marion Worgan, born 1885, attended Ashford school, West London School district, admitted in Apr 6, 1889, they were illegitimate children of Sarah. Show discharged Nov 16, 1889.
In 1892 Sarah is shown at Paddington workhouse, 2 children at Ashford again.
found a ship record where he left Southampton to Halifax Jan 1, 1938,
shown as a retired Canadian Mounted Police, age 53, leaving 105 Bariston? Rd, London England.
Sarah was 36 when Marion was 4 and Leonard was 3 in Nov 1888.
I believe his wife was Bessie Meekers when he died in 1946
In 1936 I believe he married Roberta McCremry

Corporal John Molyneux
was he the John Molyneux age 4 arriving with his family to the area?

arriving Sept 22, 1905, on SS Parisian, from Liverpool England, to Montreal Quebec,
Jane Bastian, age 46, born in Lancashire, going to husband, Roche Percee Assiniboia
Susan Bastian, age 20, born in Cumberland,
then more Molyneux family members
Sarah Molyneux, age 26, miner's housekeeper, born in Lancashire, going to husband, Roche Percee Assiniboia
Thomas Molyneux, age 8, John Molyneux, age 4, and Ed Molyneux, age 5 mo, all born in Lancashire.
He was a Sergeant at the time of the Miner's Riot in 1931 in Estevan.

Oct 1927 Sergeant Molyneux was in the Swift Current Detachment, and he was also the coroner there.

Sergeant William Mulhall b- Mar 5, 1883 in Liverpool England, per enlistment form in WWI, Aug 29, 1918 in Regina
d- abt 1961 in Regina SK
wife Nora Elizabeth Mulhall, nee Tucker next of kin.
They had 3 daughters, and 2 sons.
Member of the RNWP at that time.
rank QMS- Reg # 2772558
Father-Michael Mulhall, and mother-Elizabeth Sinclair.
his father was a Police Constable in 1901 in Everton, Lancashire
He was in Estevan / Bienfait area during the miner's strike.
shown Age 55 in 1931 born in Liverpool, England in one record
In a Pass. List, shown as b- ca 1880, arrived in Montreal May 31, 1908 from Liverpool. shown as Police for occupation.
Dec 1926 shown as Detective Sergeant Mortimer, S.P.P. Weyburn Detachment
1931 he was Staff Sergeant during the Miner's riot
He was a pupil of B. J. Chapman, headmaster of Falsgrave School in Scarborough, Yorkshire, England
RCMP rank- Sergeant Major- Reg #4748


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