Bienfait- Aerial Photos

Bienfait, Saskatchewan, Canada

Bienfait Saskatchewan from the Air

Picture below has numbers on it and key below to describe what is in the Picture

Key to numbers on Picture:
1. The Last Bienfait Hospital (still standing in 2017, private residences now)
New Weldon School located across the street now (see below)
2. Little Red Brick Bienfait School
(between big white school and old wood school,across from old Anglican Church)
On the South corner was the old Wooden Big Butte School
3. Big Old Bienfait School (on Young St, east side)(see pics next page)
(New Bienfait School (Weldon School) located where number 4 is today)
4. Old Highway 18, Road to Estevan, Roche Percee, Portal,
and the farm where we lived, the Sherman Farm
(1 MI, bottom right corner,where we lived, see #12 below)
(Now the highway goes straight thru, small rd in picture,
and joins the Highway to Portal on a 45 deg angle)
Also the location of the new Weldon School
5. Corner of Main st and Hwy 18 (Estevan to west, Hirsch to East)
6. CPR tracks and Station (stn moved, now the museum, off hwy 18)
7. Anglican Church (closed, sold and now a private residence)
NW corner of Young St and Carbon Ave
(All the Gents went to this Church on Sundays)
8. Frank and Dorothy (nee Gent) Olson's residence
(2017 address- 409 Alderidge)
9. Herman and Kathleen (nee Gent) Widdifield's residence
(2017 address- 322 Young St)
10. Jim and Winnie Gent's Residence (# not shown on picture)
(2017 address 318 Young St)
11. Town Well (one of 2) (# not shown on picture)
(located corner of Carbon Ave and Main St- 2017 address-245 Main)
12. The Phil Gent Farm (Sherman Farm) (#not shown on picture)
located at Sec 13- TP2- RG7- NE 1/4
Farm was located in RM#5 in Estevan
Other side of Rd from farm was RM of Coalfields in Bienfait
13. CNR station (# not shown on picture)
Located just at edge of picture from #2, sign for stn still exists in 2017
(now this Station is the home of Lorne Wagner 1/2 mi south
of Bienfait on the old road to Roche Percee, which is now closed at our farm corner)


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