Hyde Post Office

Hyde, Saskatchewan, Canada

Hyde Post Office History

Opened -Mar 1, 1893 - Closed -May 31, 1952

Post Office Location
Sec.21, Twp.19, R.7, W2 - 1893-03-01 (Assiniboia)
Sec.16, Twp.19, R.7, W2
NE 1/4 Sec.21, Twp.19, R.7, W2

Postmasters in the early years were paid $2.00 per year

George Audley Edward Hyde MAR 1, 1893 MAY 18, 1898
George Audley Edward Hyde MAR 1,1898 JUNE 25, 1900
Solomon M. Musselman (see below) AUG 1, 1900 OCT 08, 1901
David Palmer (see below) SEPT 1, 1902 APR 26, 1904
Rowan Frederick Hardy (see below) AUG 1, 1904 MAR 7, 1905
Norman McLeod (see below) SEPT 1, 1905 NOV 27, 1915
C. L. Goodwin
there is a George Goodwin
buried in Eastman Cemetery, Hyde
shown b- 1874, d- 1946
with a Mabel Goodwin b- 1880, d- 1940, relatives possibly
APR 1, 1916 APR 14, 1923
Malcolm Nicholson OCT 1, 1923 AUG 17, 1929
Vacancy Cancelled FEB 22, 1930
James Jeffries APR 4, 1930 FEB 25, 1938
James (Jim) Angus McLeod
b- Mar 22, 1898, 16-19-07-W2 in SK
see his family below
MAR 1, 1938 ACTING
William Alex Mitchell MAY 25, 1938 OCT 21, 1940
James Alex McLeod
was this James Angus McLeod?
OCT 25, 1940 ACTING
James (Jim) Angus McLeod
b- Mar 22, 1898, 16-19-07-W2 in SK
see his family above
JAN 9, 1941 JAN 23, 1943
Mrs. Beatrice Mary Nicholson MAR 31, 1943 ACTING
Mrs. Beatrice Mary Nicholson JULY 12, 1943 SEPT 4, 1943
Mrs. Hazel Reid SEPT 21, 1943 ACTING
Mrs. Hazel Reid NOV 23, 1943 MAY 31, 1952

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First Postmaster- George Audley Edward Hyde, Family info and bio here

Solomon M. Musselman
(note- S. B. Musselman in paper below)
b- July 14, 1864 in Waterloo County, Ontario, possibly town of Berlin
d- 1952
1871 census, age 6, Mennonite, Woolwich, N Waterloo, ON
1891 he was 25, single, Methodist, living in Berlin, now Kitchener, ON
Cattle Rancher, Local Preacher, and Justice of Peace in Wolseley area.
wife- Fanny Eliza, nee Smith- b- Jan 19, 1867
married Aug 14, 1900 in SK
father David M. Musselman,
mother Magdalena S. Brubacher
middle name possibly Martin if a M. is correct
in Sask vital records, middle initial is a B?
plus all of his siblings have the letter B. as middle name
and probably stands for Brubacher, his mother's maiden name.
At least 2 Daughters:
Elizabeth (Bessie) Marigold Musselman
and Jeanie Magdalen Musselman
1901 census in Hyde, with his brother
John B. Musselman, a bookkeeper.
Solomon shown as Switzerland nationality, Methodist religion, Occupation Merchant.
alt spelling of family name- Moselmann, Moseman, Messelman, Mosiman
found a Jno S. Musselman attended Berlin Collegiate and Technical Institute, (Kitchener ON now) in 1885
address shown, Hyde Assa.

David Palmer Sept 2, 1902 newspaper article
1906 living in Grayson, age 31, born in Ontario
wife- Martha, age 29. Son Allen age 7,
son- Roy age 3, son- Lawrence age 1
immigrated into Canada in 1900, so must have moved to USA, from ON
1911 census, David Palmer, b- Feb 1875
wife b- Mar 1877
son- Allan C. M. Palmer, b- Jan 1899 in ON
son- Le Roy D. Palmer, b- Nov 1904, SK
son- Lawrence C. Palmer, b- July 1906, SK
daughter- Ellen Bertha Palmer, b- May 1907 in SK
All irish nationality, Baptist religion
David Palmer was the enumerator of the census

Sask birth reg says:
daughter- Elsie Kathleen Palmer, b- May 26, 1907 in Grayson
mother- Montelene Cameron
son- Lawrence Courtney Palmer, b- July 4, 1905 in Grayson
mother- Mathelene Cameron
son- David Laroy, b- Nov 19, 1903 at Hyde
mother- Monthelene Cameron

Rowan Frederick Hardy
b- Oct 22, 1872 in Little York, PEI
Father- Frederick Hardy,
b- Dec 27, 1846 in Little York PEI
Mother Alice Hardy, nee ?
Almira Lydia Hardy- b- Mar 28, 1880
Carrie Eliza Hardy- b- Mar 16, 1874
Harry John Hamilton Hardy- b- May 7, 1882
Mary Ida Hardy- b- Dec 17, 1875
Wilbert Josiah Hardy- b- Oct 30, 1877
all 5 siblings above born in Little York, PEI
grandfather- Henry Hardy-
grandmother- Mary Hardy-
The community of York, Prince Edward Island,
traces its beginnings to the arrival of the “Valiant”
in 1817 with its passengers from Yorkshire, England
the Hardy family was one listed.
1901 census in Grenfell SK
b- Oct 22, 1872 in PEI
mother- Alice Hardy- b- July 13, 1850 in PEI- Widow- farmer
Part of a big family shown as:
Wilbert Hardy- b- Oct 30, 1877
Elmira Hardy- b- Mar 28, 1880
Harry Hardy- b- May 6, 1882
Percy Hardy- b- Dec 22, 1885
Bessie Hardy- b- Aug 12, 1888
Eva Hardy- b- Apr 6, 1891

1906 shown in Neudorf, Agent, age 31, b in PEI

Norman McLeod
b- July 28, 1855, on the Isle of Skye in Scotland
immigrated in 1863, at the age of 8
Settled at Lucknow, ON
Came west in 1882
Scotch, Presbyterian
Retired in Melville SK, died age 97
wife- Rebecca McKaig
b- Feb 14, 1856 (1859?) in Ontario
daughter- Margaret McLeod,
b- Dec 8, 1884, at Wolseley SK
son- Donald Murdock McLeod,
b- Jan 24, 1886, 16-19-07 W2 in SK
d- Aug 1978 in Grenfell SK
He married Caroline Stein, from Neudorf
daughter- Agnes Mcleod
b- Dec 9, 1887
daughter- Effie Mcleod
b- July 20, 1889 in Hyde
d- June 18, 1964 in Winnipeg MB
buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Winnipeg MB
married Nov 13, 1911 in Hyde SK.,
husband- Herbert Harold Enman from Vernon River, Queens, PEI
Herbert d- Aug 2,1956 in Grenfell, SK,
buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Winnipeg, MB
son- Alexander (Alex) Norman McLeod,
b- Dec 9, 1891, 16-19-07 W2 in SK
enlisted in WWI, July 13, 1918, in Regina
Reg #3355485, shown as single, Farmer
believed last lived in Regina
daughter- Katherine (Kate) (Katie) McLeod
b- Dec 26, 1893
d- Oct 27, 1984, age 90, in Kelowna BC
married Dec 25, 1915 at Hyde SK
husband- Charles Morton Dunn,
he died Nov 16, 1975, age 82, in Kelowna
son of J. E. Dunn from Granville Ferry NS
son- Roderick John (Rod) McLeod,
b- Feb 6, 1896, 16-19-07 W2 in SK
d- 1978 in Grenfell SK
enlisted in WWI, May 23, 1918 in Regina
Reg # 269010, discharged June 29, 1918
shown as single, farmer
He never married
son- James (Jim) Angus McLeod,
b- Mar 22, 1898, 16-19-07-W2 in SK
believed last lived in Neudorf, SK
daughter- Alice McLeod,
b- Nov 27, 1902 at 21-19-07-W2 in SK
married Carl Niebergall
Last lived at Kilarney MB
1901 census living in Hyde

Norman took out homestead grants
NW 16 19 7 W2 Norman McLeod
SE 16 19 7 W2 Norman McLeod
Pt SW 16 19 7 W2 Norman McLeod


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