Hyde Pictures-Page 1

Hyde, Saskatchewan, Canada

Pictures below taken by my Aunt, Rose Gesell
b- Nov 14, 1906- d- Feb 2, 1936

Qu'Appelle River July 1, 1929
Dam in the distance, Hyde Farm (McLeod)

Qu'Appelle Valley July 1,1929
I believe that is Hyde on the right, and the Hyde farm on the left
if I am wrong please correct me.
I believe this is a view looking north, into the Qu'Appelle Valley, on what is today Highway 47

Following reply from Michelle Hatzel in Dec 2010, “I do believe it is looking north, toward Hyde and travelling from the Grenfell side of the road. Near the place where the picture was taken was a school, probably the LeCain School, which Mr. Middelhoek mentions in his interesting essay. In about 1958 my father located to this area of the province to become the last teacher at this school before it closed (about 1960?) and rural students were bussed to Grenfell. He was only 18 or 19 years old at the time that he began his teaching career. He taught in Grenfell and other surrounding communities in the years since he came to Grenfell. My parents also farm. Their farm, as it is now, includes the land on the east side of the old 47 highway and on the south side of the river”

July 1930, dam on the Qu'Appelle River at Hyde Farm
This picture shows the Dam over the Qu'Appelle river which was used to supply water up to Neudorf for the CPR steam trains built in 1910

July 1, 1929
This is the same section of Highway 47, in the valley but not sure which direction it is taken, looking north or south? I need help on this one.

July 1929
View in the qu'Appelle Valley

July 1930
Road down into the Qu'Appelle Valley

Qu'Appelle River Bridge Aug 6, 1930
3 ladies and Pete Wendel from Neudorf, and Pete's car
Pete used to drive to Estevan to pick up his cousins, and take them to Neudorf. He also worked for my grandfather Gus Gesell in Estevan

Qu'Appelle River bridge with Rose Gesell Aug 6, 1930
This picture shows Rose Gesell on the right, Unknown girl on the left
This bridge is not at Hyde per my Hyde contact
The bridge by Hyde has 2 arches, see page 5


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