Hyde Church History

Hyde, Saskatchewan, Canada

Hyde Anglican Church

Anglican Church that Mr Hyde had built

Prior to building the Hyde Church, they held services in the settlers homes, whose names included Hyde, McLeod, Cummins, Simpkinson, Hodge, Davis, Devine, Luxton, and Gree.

After Mr. Hyde sold off his village, The Diocese of Qu'Appelle gave the church to the Anglican People in the Weldon District, under the condition they paid to move it, and pay to construct a foundation for it. It became the Weldon Holy Trinity Church,
The Weldon Church also inherited the original Organ, Mr. Hyde special ordered for the Hyde Church.
The Church was moved prior to it's dedication July 26, 1906 in the Weldon District. The Weldon Church was located at SW Sec 13, Tsp 18, Rge 8, W2

Map below is of Township 19, Range 7, W2 located north of Grenfell SK. and South of Melville SK., showing the location of Hyde, SE 1/4 Section 21, Tsp 19, Rge 7, W2
with the Anglican Church, across Hwy 47
Also shown is the location of the LeCain Rural School NE 1/4 Section 15, Tsp 19, Rge 7, W2

Josephsberg Church

another Church about 3 miles due South of Mr. Hyde's Anglican Church, also on Highway 47, was the St. John's Evangelical and Reformed Church,
in an area known as Josephsberg, also spelled Josephberg, and Josephburg, shown on map below.
There is a Cemetery at this location also, NE Section 9, Township 19A, Range 7, W2
For Index of graves contact SK Genealogical Society
Note- the German settlers in this area, named their district after their home village, that they had just left in Galizien/Galicia, Austria.
The name of this village was Josefsberg, which probably became Josephsberg in English, and would think that is the proper spelling.

The St. John's Evangelical and Reformed Church congregation was organized in 1888, The Community was 10-15 miles north of Grenfell.
The first church in 1894 was built 1 1/2 miles east of the later church. in 1897 the congregation was reorganized. In 1903 a second church was built.
It was dedicated Aug 16, 1903. Parsonage was built in 1917. This Church later became the United Church of Christ.
Cairn says built in 1905, other record above says 1903? It was removed in 1967. Replaced with a Cairn erected in 1967.
Historical Church Register is supposed to be in a vault, in the Grenfell United Church.


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