Hyde -Family History

Hyde, Saskatchewan, Canada

George Audley Edward Hyde
b- June 8, 1856, at Sea, near Cape Horn (British Subject)
d- Dec 23, 1935 in Vancouver BC, age 79
(source BC Death Registration, and 1881 census)

1881 shown as a Commercial Clerk living at 50 St. James Sq., London, Middlesex, England

He came from England in 1887.

1901 census says b- June 8, 1857, age 43, but like some of the census dates, it is wrong by one year!

1911 census says there was a George Hyde born June 1868, which we now know is another fellow.
can not verify him in the BMD though, as he was born at sea.
Now I hear from Michelle Hatzel, another Hyde researcher, and there appears to be another George Hyde in the area.
she writes“ Annie Yule in Grit and Growth (1980 ed.) refers to a Mr. George Hyde arriving in Grenfell in 1898 (page 116).
His wife’s name was Ruth Millan and their children were Violet, Edith/Edythe (two spellings offered in the book – picture of her on page 156), William, Milton, and Clarence.
She writes, “George had come West in 1892 to Valley View (now Hazelcliffe) where he farmed.” (116). ”
Michelle found the other Mr. Hyde in the 1906 census.
So this creates confusion in the research. But also helps explain the discrepancies.
(1901 Census says he immigrated in 1885)
(1911 census says he came in 1880 with his wife)
(Grenfell history book says he came in 1887)

Here is what we know so far:

Father- George Hyde
b- ca 1819 in London, London, Middlesex, England
Commander, Rf, Royal Navy, in 1881 census (Retired, full pension?)
living at 50 St. James Sq., London, Middlesex, England

Married Nov 19, 1845. at Beechingstoke, Devizes Registration District, Wiltshire, England
George shown as Esq. from Newington Surrey
source for year free bmd, source for date a genealogy book
year shown in book 1846, which has to be wrong per registration recorded a year earlier.

Mother- Catherine “Kate” Polhill
b- ca 1823 in Wiltshire, England
We believe she was the daughter of Edward Gifford Polhill and Elizabeth Gilbert
If this is the correct Catherine “Kate” Polhill, she had a sister, Elizabeth who married a Charles Hyde now was this a relative of George's? we don't know.

Sister- Georgina Hyde
b- ca 1856, Southampton England
unmarried in 1881, living with her parents age 25

He settled on the land to become Hyde Assiniboia. (later Saskatchewan) This was located in the Qu'Appelle valley between Melville and Grenfell.
He built his farm buildings one half mile west from the main road. At the main road he built a small village. It included a store1, and a hotel on one side of the road.
On the other he built a blacksmith shop, a court house, and a large corral to round up his horses in.
He also had a Livery barn, and horses for hire, for fox hunters from Grenfell and area. He installed a water wheel, used to do the churning.
Mr Hyde had his own Carpenter, Mr Williams, which he brought out from England to construct his dream.
Farther down the road, under the large trees, he built an Anglican Church. The Church was later sold and moved to the Weldon District.
Inside was a little organ made by the Uxbridge Piano Company of Ontario, a special order by My Hyde.
(the Trinity Lutheran Church In Grenfell, Sask, has an organ made by this company, possibly the organ from the Hyde then Weldon church?)
Down by the river a boat house was built, and a bathing house. He operated the Hyde Post Office in his store.
His dream was to build an artistic English estate where he could entertain his old country friends, who were established in the Grenfell District.
His dream didn't last too long, since all of his money was coming from his wealthy family in England.
When they heard of the way he was squandering his money, they refused to send him anymore. He was forced to sell his belongings.
Norman McLeod bought the farm and some of the buildings. This farm was operated by Mr. Norman McLeod until 1927, and then was taken over by Jim McLeod.
Later on this farm gained importance as a pump and water supply for the railroad, and in 1910 a dam was built on the Qu'Appelle river for this purpose.
A nine foot deep pipeline was built to Neudorf. From the Qu'Appelle river to the top of the hill it was dug by hand.
In the 50's when the CPR didn't need the water for their steam trains, the town of Neudorf bought the pipeline
and dug wells at the top of the valley where spring water was located, and then pumped the water, to Neudorf.
Stage to Grenfell at the time was $1.25 single one way, and $2.00 round trip
The Boat and Bath house were bought by Mr Strikland. The Ice house by Mr McLeod. The Log Court House was sold to Mr. Niebergall.
Mr. Norman McLeod bought the store, which became his house. Donald McKaig bought the hotel, and moved it to his farm, and it still stands close to the highway.
Norman's wife's maiden name was McKaig. Mr. Hyde moved to Grenfell, after selling all his assets, and managed the Kings Hotel there.
He had 2 daughters, named Bogie and Pussy per one book. I found the entries below from the Sask Vital Stats web page.
The real names were different than these nicknames it seems.

Madleine Hyde birth Mar 20, 1893 was registered as #2952 in Saskatchewan
Madeline (Madleine) married a Mr. MacKenzie,
(no children), and died Aug 1986 in or near San Francisco, CA, USA

Cyril Hyde was born Aug 10, 1894, registered #3169 in Saskatchewan.
Cyril died Feb 1989 in or near San Francisco, CA, USA

Catherine Guelph Hyde was born April 7, 1897, registered #3879 in Saskatchewan
Catherine died early in Saskatchewan

Beryl Josephine Hyde was born Oct 13, 1900, reg# 877 in Saskatchewan
Beryl married George A. Sommerville
She passed away Mar 26, 1991 in or near Wheaton, Du Page, IL, USA

We now know from these registered birth entries Mr Hyde's wife's name
was Adelaide (Fanny) Walter.
b- Jan 14, 1867, age 34, (in 1901 census)
d- ?
Birth Registered bet. Jan-Mar 1867 in Chelsea Reg. Dist., London, England
married bet Apr-June 1892
in Paddington Reg Dist, London, England

George later moved to Vancouver BC.
George Audley Edward Hyde
d- Dec 23, 1935 in Vancouver BC
at the age of 79.
Registered in BC archive 1935-09-508123

1911 the family was living at #782 E. Homer in Vancouver
George was shown as occupation Government Off(icial) or Off(ice)
shown as age 43
Son Cyril shown as a Carpenter.

In a 1911 Henderson's directory
George A. E. Hyde is living at 2907 (Cotton Drive?)
13th ave Intersects near here is all I know for sure as well as the house #

1891 census shows George at Qu'Appelle, with 5 domestics helping him run his business.

Couple Ship Manifests, showing George A. E. Hyde's travels

George Hyde Jan 16, 1902, left England, arriving in Halifax NS, Jan 26, 1902, on SS Parisian

George Hyde left Halifax, arrived in Liverpool England, Jan 26, 1901, on SS Dominion

travelling alone both times

(info from Neudorf History book, written by James McLeod) (and Grenfell History Book, From Grit and Growth)

Note 1- A Mr. Robert J. Parsons ran the Hyde store when Mr. Hyde went back to England, to marry his wife.
His marriage is registered in Paddington Reg. Dist. in England Vol 1a, Page 76, between Apr-June 1892,
Marriage Registers noted above are in the Westminster district today Paddington is in the County of London

Now there is a Paddington Hotel in Hyde Park in London, He came from a Rich family, do you suppose????

Map showing Hyde
This map shows Hyde and other towns nearby
the arrow is pointing to Grenfell directly below Hyde
Reason for doing this web page is preserving Small Town Saskatchewan for all in the world to see, And also preserving my family history for generations after me.
The Hyde farm home was home for my Grandmother, Mae Gesell (nee Wendel)

Gus and Mae (nee Wendel) Gesell on their 30th Wedding anniv.
My Grandfather and Grandmother
Gustav August Gesell and Amelia Mae Wendel
Oct 1, 1879- May 27,1958 / Nov 19,1879- Aug 5, 1968
Gus was the son of Michael Gesell and Caroline Schepko from Lemberg/Neudorf
Mae was the daughter of Johann Ludwig Wendel, and Barbara Unterschutz from Neudorf

My Grandmother Mae Wendel worked for Mr and Mrs Hyde, before she was married, on their farm 1/2 mile from Hyde Hamlet.
Being of German descent, she ended up speaking with an English accent, and was made fun of by her siblings when she returned to Neudorf.
The Hyde's were so taken by her, they wanted to adopt her, but her father, Ludwig, said No.

Jacob (Jake) Rudolf Frederick Wendel
Born: September 22, 1901 in HYDE, N.W.T.
Age at death: 79 Number of children: 3

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