Estevan- Hillside Pictures- Page 2

Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada

First Apartment Block built in Hillside on Highway 47
Corner of George St.
Halloween time, we all headed there!

Old Hahn Brothers Plumbing Store
Corner of Isabelle St & Souris Ave (Highway 47)

View North of Highway 47

Louie Boey's Old Store,
2000 it was a Funeral Home,
Corner of Highway 47, and Henry St.

Louis John Boey
b- May 16, 1919 in Benson SK,
d- November 1, 2010 Grace Hospice, Regina SK
Louie lived in the apartment block above, when I visited him in 2000

Built in 1973 by Trojan Industrial Properties Ltd.
2.5 million dollar mall
Approx 200,000 sq ft.
It was to included a 3,000 sq ft of space for a museum? never happened I don't think
Mall Located on King St.
East end of the Subdivision New Canadian Tire in Background

Westend of New mall
Before the IGA extension in 2002
Estevan Fine Foods in now gone

Wholesale Club Store
On East end of King st
North of King St. and south of the Comp School

Scotsburn School
Located across from the new mall
Used to be the only thing in the area,
When I lived in Estevan in the mid 60's
It is now closed as of June 27, 2003
Replaced by Spruce Ridge School
and completely redone into a mini office mall

1974 Postcard of Estevan Shoppers Mall
courtesy Grant Walker, CA


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