Weyburn- Eaglesham-Hilliar Families

Weyburn, Saskatchewan, Canada

Dr. Charles Fergus Fletcher “Ferg” Eaglesham
and his wife Isabelle Eaglesham

Isabelle Eaglesham, nee Hilliar
wrote many History Books in her lifetime.
The main one in my eyes was the history book of Weyburn,
“The Night the Cat Froze in the Oven” 1982
anyone that writes a history book, should be included in a history website.

Dr. Charles Fergus Fletcher Eaglesham
b- Jan 1910 in Weyburn SK
d- Dec 31, 1996, age 86
buried in Hillcrest Cemetery, Weyburn SK
1933 he was attending University of Minnesota
married Isabelle Hilliar in 1939

father- Dr. Hugh Elliot Eaglesham
b- June 3, 1873 in Wellington, ON
d- Oct 12, 1938 in Weyburn, SK, age 65

mother- Mary Eaglesham
b- Sept 1872 in ON
d- June 7, 1969
both parents buried in Hillcrest Cemetery, Weyburn, SK.

Sister- Mary “Alma” Eaglesham
b- Mar 9, 1898 in ON
Sister- Gene Eaglesham
b- Mar 1900 in ON
Brother- Hugh Eaglesham
b- Oct 16, 1904 in Weyburn, SK
brother- Douglas Cameron Eaglesham
b- Oct 14, 1907 (twin) in Weyburn, SK
Sister- Margaret “Doris” Eaglesham
b- Oct 14, 1907 (twin) in Weyburn, SK

grandfather- Hugh Eaglesham
b- ca 1821
d- Aug 4, 1892, age 71
grandmother- Margaret Marshall

Isabelle Bruce Hilliar
b- 1915 in SK
d- Sept 23, 2006 in Weyburn SK, age 91
buried in Hillcrest Cemetery, Weyburn, SK

father- Thomas Henry Hilliar,
b- ca1873 in Toronto, ON, age 42 in 1915
d- Dec 2, 1967 in Vancouver BC, age 93

mother- Grace Janet Wells,
b- ca 1879, age 36 in 1915, in Lynedoch, ON
daughter of Joseph C. Wells, and Margaret Reid Wells
parents Thomas and Grace, married Sept 23, 1905, York, ON

sister- Mary Grace Hilliar
b- ca 1915
d- 1919, age 4

sister- Margaret “Eleanor” Hilliar
b- 1908 in Weyburn SK
d- 2002 in Vancouver BC

son of Ferg and Isabelle, Hugh Hilliar Eaglesham
married Nancy Allison McTaggart, daughter of Alan K. Taggart, in Winnipeg MB

daughter of Ferg and Isabelle- Janis Eaglesham

Grandfather- George Priddle Hilliar
b- age 25 in 1873
d- Feb 7, 1927, age 79
Grandmother- Mary Campbell,
b- age 26 in 1873

She was one of the founders of the Soo Line Historical Museum in Weyburn.

President of the Saskatchewan History and Folklore Society

Member of the Saskatchewan Writers Guild

Reporter and Editor of the Weyburn Review Newspaper

Books she had written:
Gumphy Goes to the Circus
Red Ochre and Otattoye
The Sandman, a Bedtime Story
A Tale of 2 Families- (History of the families above)
The Big Muddy River Valley
Wake the Prairie Echoes
The Yodelling Cowboy
A Day in the Life of a Museum
Gumphy and the Pumpjack
and possibly more I can't find in a quick search


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