Weyburn- Archive Photos

Weyburn, Saskatchewan, Canada

Postcards below courtesy Grant Walker, CA

Picture 1
Weyburn Assiniboia Public School
It stood where the Co-op Store was built.
It was torn down, date unknown.
Built 1906-1907, by Frank Rooney, a Weyburn Contractor
It replaced the Original Stone School, seen on left side.

Frank Rooney
b- Feb 1869 in USA
single in 1911, living in Weyburn
Immigrated in 1905

First Principal of the Assiniboia School, was Norman Fergus Black
He was a Teacher at the Stone School in 1906.
He actually published
“History of Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories, Vol 1”, in 1913,
the First History Book for Saskatchewan

The first Stone School plans were prepared May 29, 1900
Tender from G. A. Cameron was accepted for $2600.00.

found a George Allan Cameron, an Architect in Moose Jaw in 1901
b- Aug 22, 1852 in Northumberland Co, ON
d- 1919 in Milestone SK
He was a Lumber Merchant in Muskoka ON in 1876.
son of William and Mahala Cameron
married Margaret Covert, Aug 8, 1876
daughter of William and Margaret Covert
(Note- not sure if I have the right man here.)

Picture 2 House located on 2nd and Bison Ave, Weyburn, No 3 Postcard

Picture 3
Weyburn Saskatchewan, 3rd St NW from Railway Ave.

Some of the signs I am able to read

Left Side

Car- Sask Lic. #2385

In front of the car on the street is a horse drawn delivery wagon
“McKinnon Company”
owned by Neil D. McKinnon, who opened his First General Store in 1902

Drug Store, Business name unknown

Edmonton & Betts
Meats and Provisions

unreadable sign

Harness Shop, Business name unknown

Right Side

Public Telephone sign

Hub Clothing Co.
Furnishers and Clothiers

Old Car- Sask Lic. #4070

Hoshal Carmichael & Co. (Hardware Store)

Co-Partner- Charles Hoshal
b- Mar 1881 in USA
d- Apr 17, 1960 in Weyburn SK
buried in Hillcrest Cemetery, Weyburn SK.
wife- Ella Hoshal
b- July 1880 in ON
d- July 1, 1970 in Weyburn SK
buried in Hillcrest Cemetery, Weyburn SK.

Co-Partner- Lieutenant Kenneth Miller Carmichael
b- July 30, 1888 in Longueiel, Quebec
d- Oct 8, 1916, Killed in Action
enlisted in WWI in Regina, Hardware Merchant
Army, Canadian Infantry, Quebec Regiment, 13th Batt.
Vimy Memorial
next of kin, Mrs. D. P. Carmichael
father- Robert Carmichael, b- ca 1841 in Quebec, died bef 1901
mother- Susan Carmichael, b- Dec 29, 1850 in ON

H. A. Staveley, Real Estate Office
Herbert Anthony Staveley
b- Oct 4, 1877 in Traer, Iowa, USA
d- Mar 19, 1946 in Weyburn SK
Agent and Farmer
buried in Hillcrest Cemetery, Weyburn SK
father - Anthony Staveley, b- Sept 1833 in England
immigrated in 1857
mother- Jennie Bell, b- Feb 1849 in English Canada
sister- Ada Belle Staveley, b- Mar 1885 in Iowa

married Edna E. Canfield, July 6, 1904, Tama, Iowa, USA
b- 1879 Traer, Iowa, USA
d- Oct 13, 1867 in Weyburn SK
buried in Hillcrest Cemetery, Weyburn, SK.
daughter of Nathan C. Canfield and Mary Gile

Queen's Restaurant

Union Bank of Canada

William Buchanan, Harness Maker
b- Feb 1862 in ON
d- Oct 15, 1941 in Weyburn SK,
buried in Hillcrest Cemetery, Weyburn SK.
wife- Elizabeth Buchanan
b- Feb 1864 in ON
d- Oct 11, 1917 in Weyburn SK
buried in Hillcrest Cemetery, Weyburn SK.
daughter- Grace Buchanan
b- Aug 1893 in ON
daughter- Edith Buchanan
b- Nov 1898 in ON

Meat Market, The Rov? or Roy?, can't quite read it. (Royce?)
Nathan C. Royce operated a store in Weyburn in 1911

Realty Office

Fancy Office building with 2 round globe lights in front
today (2016) that is the CIBC Bank building
corner of Souris Ave.
It was built in May 14, 1906

Real Estate Office, can't read the name



Grace United Church, 210 3rd st., in the far background
Corner of Coteau Ave.
Originally called the New Grace Methodist Church, built in 1905

Picture 4
on 3rd St. corner Souris Ave., Weyburn SK., Postcard, looking toward Coteau and Bison Ave.

Left side:

117 3rd st , ca 2016 MNP Place

Drug Store on left, unknown owner

Weyburn Review Office
The Weyburn Newspaper

After the Weyburn Review,
and a parking lot, the present day Weyburn City Hall sits.
Everything after the drug store is now a parking lot.

Churches in distance
First one, is the All Saints Anglican Church
last one is no longer there, replaced with the McKenna Auditorium

Right side:

H. E. Hemingway, Real Estate Office

Harold Edgar Hemingway
b- Aug 22, 1887 in Aylmer, ON
d- Nov 18, 1949, St. Mary's Hospital, Rochester NY, age 62
buried in Ogden Utah.
Lived in Ogden Utah when he got sick.
President Commercial Security Bank in Ogden.
married (1) Isabel Agnes Whittman, in 1911,
they had 2 sons and a daughter,
married (2) Marie Christensen, in 1933
2 step children.
Went to US in 1915
Naturalized US citizen in 1920
son of Silas and Thleza? M. Hemingway.

Bakery after Hemingway's office, owner unknown.


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