Weyburn- Post Office

Weyburn, Saskatchewan, Canada

Post Office History

Office Name- Weyburn
Electoral District- Assiniboia
Postal Code- S4H 0W0
Office Established- Aug 1, 1895
Located at Section 30, Township 8, Range 14, W2

Name of Postmaster Date of Appointment Date of Vacancy Cause of Vacancy
William Henry Hunt (see below) 1895-08-01 1906-08-18 Resignation
John A. Mitchell 1901-10-18 1907-09-02 Resignation
William John Henry McGowan (see below) 1907-10-15 1936-10-31 Resignation
William Cowan 1936-10-31 Acting
William B. Robertson 1937-08-31 1950-10-28 Resignation
William H. Cowan 1950-10-29 Acting
J. M. McConachie 1956-11-02 1957-10-10
G. D. Hill 1957-10-11 1974-05-13 Transferred
N. F. Ross 1974-05-11 1974-12-22 Death
J. Harder 1974-12-23
M. J. Gisi 1975-01-30
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Postmaster Genealogy and Bios

First Postmaster- William Henry Hunt
b- Nov 1, 1865 in ON
wife- Catherine Tate
b- Feb 1, 1871 in ON
daughter- Catherine Georgia Hunt
b- July 22, 1898 in Indian Head, Assiniboia (SK)
daughter- Winnie Tait
b- June 16, 1902, Weyburn Assa, (SK)

John A. Mitchell

William John Henry “Harry” McGowan
b- Mar 15, 1869 in Midhurst, ON
d- Dec 30, 1937 in Hamilton General Hospital
buried in Greenlawn Cemtery, Grimsby ON
came west in 1899, farmed near Weyburn for 17 years
married Alice McNabb Stewart, July 1895
b- Nov 1872 in ON
4 daughters-
Winnie McGowan, b- June 1896 in ON
Lilly McGowan, b- June 1898, in ON
Alice Elizabeth McGowan, b- Oct 20, 1901 in Weyburn, Assa (SK)
Jessie Ellen McGowan, b- Sept 23, 1907 in Weyburn SK
son- Henry Stewart “Harry” McGowan, b- June 17, 1910 in Weyburn, SK

William Cowan

William B. Robertson
Served in WWI

William H. Cowan
b- Nov 3, 1886

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