Neudorf Post Office

Neudorf, Saskatchewan, Canada

Office opened July 1, 1895 on SE Section 14- Township 20- Range 8, W2

A small Log and Mud structure, 350 yds N of Post Office in 1980
Mail came by courier from Grenfell, before the Railroad came

Railway service was discontinued in 1956, switching to truck delivery

Postmaster information for Neudorf

Name of Postmaster Date of Appointment Date of Vacancy Cause of Vacancy
Ludwig Wendel
First Postmaster
my Great-Grandfather
1895-07-01 1904-05-13 Resignation
Daniel (Dan) Kuss
PO moved into town on the N side of his store
1904-11-01 1913-04-01 -
John C. Miller
(*update 1 below)
1913-04-30 1937-05-20 -
Jacob Miller 1937-12-14 1959-01-19 Retirement
Norman Jacob
John Miller
1959-01-13 Acting -
Norman Jacob
John Miller
1959-01-13 1976-06-01 Retirement
Vera Maurer 1985-12-16 - -

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nor as having been made, in affiliation with or with the endorsement of the National Archives of Canada

Update 1* Feb 20, 2010
I received an email from George Berdux Miller's grandson, Steve Miller, in England.
George was the brother of John C. Miller.
John C. Miller's father, was John D. Miller, who lived in Melville.
George Berdux Miller was a jeweller who ran a business in conjunction with John C. Miller at Southey, Sask. around the time of WW1.
John is known to have run a hotel in Southey SK.

Steve Miller asks these questions: I don't suppose anybody knows exactly why John C. Miller ceased being the postmaster at Neudorf, (old age, 67?), or what happened to him afterward,
or what happened to wife, Maud (Yuill) and children, Maud b. 1911 and Queenie b. 1915 and possible others?
There was also Maud's younger sister Queenie, Victoria Irene Yuill, b. 1897 at Brandon, Man. but virtually adopted by the Millers,
who married Thomas Henry Johnston at Winnipeg in 1920.
He also asks the question as to some legal problems for John C. Miller, and wants to know if these rumours are true.


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