Hirsch Store

Hirsch, Saskatchewan, Canada

Taken May 2003 by Myself, and my late brother Don

Ernie and Elsa (nee Backman) Campbell's Store
Please Note- I do NOT have any old photos of this store or Hirsch

Old Campbell's store, looking west on original Highway
that went through Hirsch, Elevators in the painting on Elevator page, would be on the right of this road,
between the road and the tracks
Straight ahead on this road for 9 miles, would take you to Bienfait
The house east of the store was built by Glen Henderson, and later purchased by George and Millie Abood.

Hirsch Main Street
looking North from the former Abood Home
Campbell's store in the distance

Updated History
from Ilana Hirt and the guestbook we find before it was Ernie Campbell's store, it was the Hirt Store
Harry Hirt owned the store from the 1920's to the 1940's, when it was possibly sold to Ernie

Here is Ilana's story:
My grandfather and father were born in Hirsch and My grandfather, Harry Hirt, owned the general store in Hirsch until they moved to Winnipeg in the 1940's…
My dad's name is Mory Hirt and he has three sisters, Goldie, Gertie and Shirley. His mother Esther Hirt moved to Hirsch in the 20s.
Now did Harry build the store, or someone else before him?

I notice there is 2 Hirt graves in the Hirsch Cemetery, so part of this family still remains in the community


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