Hirsch School #283

Hirsch, Saskatchewan, Canada

The school was organized June 6th, 1893

  • It's location was SE 1/4 of Section 16, Tsp 3, Rge 5, W2nd
  • It opened with a class of 30, with Sim Gladstone as teacher.

Sim Alfred Coldston, was an English Jew, who set up the First Jewish School in Western Canada, at Hirsch.

  • This school was sold and moved to Frobisher, used as a private residence.
  • The second School in Hirsch appears below. It was opened in 1901.
  • Located on the right side of the main road into Hirsch, just off the highway.
  • A big park and School yard is between the school and the Highway.
  • This 2nd school closed in 1960, and the remaining students were bussed to Frobisher or Bienfait Weldon School
  • Last classes were held in June 1960.

July 14, 1905 the boundaries were altered in this School District

This was a picture I took in 2003 of the 2nd Hirsch School

My Uncle Ed Gesell taught in the Hirsch School, and built his home on the school grounds, and moved it later to Valley St. in Estevan, where it remains today, 2017.

Lillian Eremko, daughter of Alexander and Katherine (nee Pitts) Eremko

  • d- Wednesday, January 11, 2006, age 90 years, four months and twenty-two days
  • Taught school at Hirsch, Bienfait (1941) and Valleyview School in Estevan (ca 1962 - retired in 1971)
  • Her first school was at Two Creeks SK, a rural school near Wroxton

In 1967 during Canada's Centennial, my Mom and Dad held an antique display, in the basement of the school above

My Mom and Dad, Helen and Phil Gent, in period costumes

Estevan Band performed

Guestbook signed by lots of Hirsch, Bienfait, Frobisher, and other towns residents

My Hirsch Rural School referral page


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