Hirsch Cemetery

Hirsch, Saskatchewan, Canada

Hirsch Cemetery

Northeast Quarter of Section 32, Township 2, Range 5, West 2nd Meridian

Saskatchewan Cemetery ID#28

The First Saskatchewan Jewish Burial Ground was established at Hirsch.

Located in RM#4 Coalfields
First Burial 1888- Last one 1970
Total of 50 graves

The Bronze Plaque at the Iron Gate Entrance, reads as follows:

Hirsch Colony 1892-1942.
Erected in commemoration of the
Baron de Hirsch Jewish agricultural colony.
Jewish immigrants who mostly came from Czarist
Russia, Romania, Austria and Poland
were assisted by the Baron de Hirsch Institute
and the Jewish Colonization Association.
These colonists were motivated by a keen desire
to escape religious persecution and racial discrimination,
with the rights to own and farm their land
and freely adhere to their orthodox faith.

Erected by former colonists and descendants in co-operation with Saskatchewan Department of Tourism and Renewable Resources.

Note- the Cemetery has been closed to any further burials since 1970.

it is a Heritage site now.

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