Estevan- Hillside School Teachers

Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada

Miss Staples, THE FIRST HILLSIDE PRINCIPAL, took charge of grades 1-6 with 52 pupils in 1912.

Miss E. Femell was hired to assist her. In the early years all primary grade pupils, were sent to Valley View School.

Only 2 of the classrooms were used in 1955, 3rd one was Janitor's Quarters, 4th one was vacant.
Mr Doug Third and Mrs. Reedy were the Teachers

Some of the Teachers I remember are:
Mrs A. Lotten
Mrs. Crawshaw (sp?)
Mr. Doug Third (of Course)

Listed below are others that taught there, after 1958- (no records prior)

Listed Alphabetically:

Mr. Don Anderson
Mrs. S. Andrist
Mrs. B. Armstrong
Miss B. Ast
Miss C. Bell
Ms. Linda Betnar
Mrs. L.G. Boulton
Mrs. S. Butler
Ms. Betty Chaberek
Miss S. Clarke
Mrs. Crawshaw (sp?)
Miss B. Cuddington
Mrs. W. Frith
Miss M. L. Hannah
Mrs. L. E. Hokanson
Mrs. M. Holmgren
Mr. Don Kindopp
Mrs. E. A. Kvamme
Mrs Inez Lindgren
Mrs Amanda Lotten
Mrs. M. Lundquist
Mrs P. MacAulay
Mrs. F.E. Mantei
Mrs. M. Mark
Mrs. B. C. McLeod
Mrs. H. McMillen
Mr. G. E. Mullen
Mrs. Barbara Murphy
Miss S. H. Rabatich
Mrs. R. Reedy (1955)
Mrs. D. O. Reiger
Miss M. Samenook
Ms. Nancy Samoluk
Mrs. Irene Scott
Miss M. Severson
Mr. T.W. Shire
Mrs. Stevenson
Mrs K. D. Straza
Mr. Douglas (Doug) Joseph Third (1955) Deceased Dec 6, 2019, age 91
Mr. M. Thompson
Mr. Thrift
Mrs. H. Thurier
Mrs. J. Tucker
Mrs. R. Walton
Ms. Lenora Wanner
Mrs. G. Watt
Mrs. Marge Young
Mrs. L. Zenter
Mrs. Marilyn Zimmerman
Mrs. G. Zurif


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