Estevan- Mr Doug Third

Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada

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Photos from his Obituary

Mr. Douglas (Doug) Joseph Third
b- Monday, May 28, 1928 in Lampman SK.
d- Friday, Dec 6, 2019 in Regina SK., age 91
Funeral Saturday, December 21, 2019 at 10:00 a.m. at St. John the Baptist R.C. Church, Estevan, by Rev. Nestor Gregoire, OMI
Interment at Our Lady of Seven Sorrows Parish Cemetery, Lampman, will take place at a later date.

Our Favourite Principal from Hillside

Photo above, July 2000 at the Hillside Brunch in the Tower Cafe in Estevan
by Bonnie Frank, nee Thompson

Mr Third's, Principal Office Window
The bell below was used out of this window, many times I am sure.

Mr. Third closed the last Hillside School, by ringing his famous bell.

On a note of history, The Hillside bell came from Valleyview School,
When Mr. Third became Principal, there was no bell at Hillside, and Valleyview School had 2.
Thus the origin of the bell.
When Mr. Third retired, There was no need to leave the bell with the school, since they had electric bells by then.
And who doesn't deserve to have it better?
Now you know the rest of the story!

In 1977 they named the Gym at the New Hillside school after him in his honour.
It is now located down at Woodlawn Park, called “Doug Third Hall

Dedication of the “Doug Third Education Centre” and the unveilling of a plaque that pays tribute to his service was unveiled at St. Joseph Hospital on his 91st Birthday.

I thought they should at least name a Street after him in Estevan, until I realized they already did, THIRD ST!

Mr. Third was born in Lampman SK. in 1928
He attended Bay View School about 11 miles north of Lampman SK

Bay View School District # 1660, NE Sec 36, Tsp 6, Rge 7, W2

Completed his High School Education in Lampman
He went to the Teacher’s College, “Normal School” in Moose Jaw in 1945.

From 1945-1948 he taught at the Glasston (alt spelling- Glaston) School, School District #1865, 4 miles east of Lampman.

Glasston (alt spelling- Glaston) School District, #1865, NW Sec 11, Tsp 5, Rge 6, W2

He taught grades one to nine in Glasston (alt spelling- Glaston) for 3 years, earning $1,000 a year.
He then taught for one year in Lampman, teaching grades 7-9.
In 1949 he moved to Estevan.
He taught grades 4-8 in the Original Hillside School, which only had 2 rooms in operation at that time.
He married Alice Belanger in 1951, and they had 3 children, one son, 2 daughters.
He retired from Hillside School in June, 1980.
He was Principal at Hillside Schools from 1949 untill 1980, 31 years!
35 years as a S.E. Saskatchewan Teacher.

Oct 1959 elected President of the Estevan Superintendency Teacher's Association
Feb 1960 he was President of the Estevan Branch of the Saskatchewan Teacher's Federation
Feb 1972 he was Vice Chairman of the Estevan Arts Council
1980 he became Assistant Superintendent of the Estevan Rural School Division.
Mr. Third was also a Life Member of the Estevan Legion

When he retired he went into doing memorial services as a Lay Minister, starting in 1990, and like his teaching ability, he excelled at that as well. His son Ian told me he performed his duties at 1003 services until he retired. 1003! some Ministers haven't done that many I am sure. He was a very talented and special man.
He kept a book with every funeral or memorial service he participated in.
Ian also told me he kept a book, with EVERY student's name he taught, and behind each name their birth date! also in that book, a list of every teacher he taught with, and their birth date. We knew he was amazing, and he surely was.
I Miss you Mr. Third!!

Father- James Third
b- 1885 in Newhill, Aberdeenshire, Scotland (obit says 1886, headstone 1885)
d- April 1958 in Lampman Hospital, age 71
Buried- Our Lady of Seven Sorrows Parish Cemetery
Immigrated in 1906 per 1916 census
Arrived in Halifax Mar 24, 1906, on the SS Sardinian from Glasgow via Moville, Ireland heading to North Portal, shown as a Vanman
1911 he is shown age 27, single, shown as a servant for Albert Rogers in the Bienfait Hotel
He was disabled for 14 years before he died
Retired in 1949

Mother-Adeline Marie “Mary” Third, nee Brasseur
Birth Reg shows- Marie Adelaide Brasseur
b- Apr 3, 1890 in North Adams, MA, USA
d– Sept 26, 1976, in Estevan, age 86
Lived in Estevan when she died
Buried- Our Lady of Seven Sorrows Parish Cemetery in Lampman SK
Immigrated in 1903 in 1906 census, 1904 per 1916 census, 1908 in 1921 census
daughter of Joseph Brasseur
b- abt 1868 in Canada per marriage record, Vermont in another record, a Factory Hand
d- Feb 28, 1905, age 38, buried in Lampman Catholic Cemetery
and Marie Louise Levesque, “alias Bishop?” in her marriage record
b- Canada in marriage record, b- New York in another record
They married Apr 29, 1889 in North Adams, Mass, USA

Mother- transcribed as Mary Brosser in 1906 Qu'Appelle census, widow
she is shown Immigrating to Canada in 1903
living with 4 children:
daughter- Adeline Brasseur, age 16, b- In USA (see above)
son- Henry Brasseur, age 13, b- in USA
son- Harvey Brasseur, age 7, b- in USA
son- Anthony Donas Brasseur, shown age 2, b- July 1, 1904 on the farm SW Section 34, Township 5, Range 7, W2, in SK

All living on a farm Mary Brasseur took out a homestead on, SW Section 34, Township 5, Range 7, W2
Just NE of Woodley SK

Mr. Third's brother- James Henry “Jim” Third, b- 1913 in SK, d- Jan 26, 1995, age 81, buried in Lampman SK
Mr. Third's brother- Richard “Ritchie” Third, b- 1924 in SK, d- 1971, buried in Lampman SK, he had 3 children
Mr. Third's sister- Edith Margaret Third, b- ca 1919 in SK, Married Mr. Clark, lived in New Mexico, then lived in Vancouver BC in 1958, married 1947 in WA, USA, John Greenlees

Mr. Third's Grandmother- Elspit Third
1901 she was living at Crownie Hellock Cottar House, New Deer, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, age 44, working for a William Wilken
William Wilken age 59
Elspit Third age 44
then assume her children with her:
Jessie Third 24
Georgina Third 16
James Third (see above) 16
John Third 2
Alexina Third 2
Sarrah Third 22

Father, Mother, and brother Henry were farmers on NE Section 15, Township 2, Range 5, W2, in 1916

James Third applied for a Homestead Grant #452823, Mar 13, 1912 on that 1/4 section, which was just north of my dad's land marked on the map above. He received the grant on Jan 10, 1917.
The Third farm was roughly 3 miles south of Hirsch, about 3/4 mile north of the CPR Dam on the Souris River.

1921 Third Family living on Section 13, Township 6, Range 6, W2


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