Estevan- First Public School

Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada

The Estevan Public School Division was formed in 1892

The name used, Estevan School District No. 257


Other history books the following is written:
The first Elementary school in Estevan was opened in 1893, Located in a rented room on the second story of a building at 1210 4th Street
at that time the Lindsay and Patterson General Store.

TEACHER- Mr. Willson or Wilson?
Proper spelling is Wilson.

I found some newspaper articles that clarify the opening dates and location a bit better,

Aug 26, 1892
Article titled, “Estevan Echoes”, states a School District is being organized.

Interesting side note- the newspaper at ECI, was called “Echoes”, now we know where they got the name from

Sept 8, 1892
The election of School Trustees will take place on Saturday, Oct 8, 1892.
The School is expected to open on the 15th. (Oct 15, 1892)

Sept 27, 1892
At a Public meeting held recently it was decided to rent the hall over Price & McKay's store, for Church and School Purposes, during the winter.

Oct 8, 1892
A School meeting was called that today, for the purpose of electing School Trustees, a poll was called, with Mr. Cameron in the chair.
There were 8 nominations with 3 elected.
At the close of the poll, Mr. (John) McLeod led the vote with 30.
Mr. E. (Edward) P. Leacock 28 votes,
and Mr. (J. O.) Mitchell and Mr. (W. E.) Flumerfelt, a tie,
the Chairman giving the casting vote, in favour of Mr. (J. O.) Mitchell.

my Edward Philip Leacock web page

Oct 22, 1892
which states the following:
The School board are engaging a teacher, that holds a First Class Certificate.
It is expected that School will open Nov 1st. (1892) The board have secured Price and McKay's hall for the winter.

Nov 11, 1892
Mr. Wilson the School teacher is busy forming classes and preparing for the winter's work.

Dec 20, 1892
Average attendance of 32 at the School. Described as a properly organized School.

Dec 28, 1892
The Public School has been closed for 2 weeks holidays.

So now we know the First School was opened between Nov 11, and Dec 20th, 1892, in Price and McKay's hall at 1210 4th st..

First School Bell in Estevan was located on 1st St at 12th Ave.
now (2010) located at the ECI School Memorial on 1st st.
The Bell was moved and used at Central School as far as I know, then saved when that school was demolished.
As the sign says, donated by Tom McLean, placed here by his friend, George Green

Then I find another article written in 1941 by an old settler Mrs. Muirhead, nee MacDonald, that states the first teacher was a Miss Wilson, who became Mrs. C. V. Fuller in Carievale
so a man or woman?


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