Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada

Edward Philip Leacock

Mr. Edward Philip Leacock
b- Dec 28, 1853 at St. Helen's, on the Isle of Wight-
d- bet Apr-June 1927 in Maldon Registration District, Essex, England

He married Georgina Eliza Vickers
Aug 6, 1881, Saturday, in St. James Cathedral, Toronto ON
daughter of Mr. John J. Vickers of Toronto ON

Father- Thomas Murdock Leacock Esq, of St. Helen's, Isle of Wight, JP of the County of Hants

Edward was educated at Old Hall Herts. and University of Geneva Switzerland, where he graduated with a BA in 1873.
Came to Canada in 1878.
Settled in Manitoba in June 1879.

Edward descended from Ella Leacock, Countess of Salisbury, who married William Longswood Crusades.

He was the CPR Townsite Agent for Estevan, arriving by train from Winnipeg, August, 1892, with Mr. Lauchlan AlexFnder Hamilton,
the CPR Senior Land Commissioner, and Surveyor, and Dr. Scott, who became the First Post Master in Estevan, and the first Doctor.

This guy has to be one of the more, lets say, “colourful” characters that ever lived in Estevan, I am sure.
From a very famous family, he lived in Estevan for those first months, while the town was being laid out, lots were being sold, and settlers were moving in.
He had a lot of power as Townsite Agent. Most people in Estevan wouldn't know this fellow was even there, never mind who he was. I'm hoping to change that here.

Article dated Oct 8, 1892- A School meeting was called today, for the purpose of electing the First Estevan School Trustees, a poll was called, with Mr. Cameron in the chair.
There were 8 nominations, with 3 elected. At the close of the poll, Mr. (John) McLeod led the vote with 30. Mr. E. (Edward) P. Leacock 28 votes,
and Mr. (J. O.) Mitchell and Mr. (W. E.) Flumerfelt, a tie, the Chairman giving the casting vote, in favour of Mr. (J. O.) Mitchell.

Mr. E. P. Leacock was the Uncle of Stephen Leacock, the famous author and humorist, who also was born in England.
Edward was Stephen's father's younger brother.
Stephen actually wrote 2 books about his Uncle, “My Remarkable Uncle” and “Boom Times”
Mr. E. P. Leacock left for England in 1894.
He “owned” a huge estate in Winnipeg before he left.

You have to read the stories about this man.
He had a Railroad, with No Rails,
printed free pass cards for his “railroad”, and passed them out to anyone of stature, and received free pass cards, from all the other railroads, in exchange for his fake ones.
Head of a Brewery, (for brewing the Red River),
He owned a Bank, which had no money, and never opened.
Without a doubt, this man's life should be made into a movie.
Funniest thing I think I've read in years.
I really liked the part where he had a hotel clerk give him $24.00, so that when he got back, from God knows where, he could send an even $100, to cover his $76.00 bill!
Of course he never did return to that hotel.

Elected Member of Manitoba Legislature in 1886,
Feb 27, 1880- head of Manitoba Telegraph Company
June 18, 1880- Elected Director of Westbourne & North-Western Railway,
Elected Secretary- Treasurer no less.
July 14, 1880- Elected Sec-Treas. Manitoba Drainage Co.
Oct 14, 1880- His name is on an ad for The Great North-Western Telegraph Company, Canada.
Shown as Sec. Prov. board.
Nov 5, 1880- member of the Selkirk Club, also it's founder.
Nov 22, 1880- Held a business meeting at the Lyon's Hotel in Winnipeg, Re: his Westbourne Railroad Co.
June 29, 1881- Ad for 3 carpenters, good wages paid. Apply Room #6, Imperial Bank Block.
May 17, 1882- One of the Shareholders of the Winnipeg and Springfield Bridge Co. in Winnipeg, MB.
1882 shown as a Lumber merchant in Winnipeg, when he became a shareholder in the Winnipeg South-Eastern Railway Company.
May 30, 1882- Co is now Portage, Westbourne and Northwestern Railway, address #17 Donaldson's block in Winnipeg.
Jan 13, 1885- ill with Quinsey, for past week. (acute peritonsillitis)
June 7, 1893- Justice of the Peace for St. Boniface.
Vice-President of the Birtle Farming Co.

Wrote a book, titled- Hudson's Bay Route

M.P.P., Warden and Reeve of Kildonan. 1884 he was listed as a petitioner for Winnipeg and North-Eastern Railway company.
He was written about In the July, 1941, Reader’s Digest “My Most Unforgettable Character,” by Stephen Leacock

Officer of the Masonic Hiram Lodge No 5, Kildonan, Selkirk Co- W. Master

Well this fellow got into Estevan, paid by the CPR, so they fell hook line and sinker too.
Lord knows what he really did there.
The Town folks loved him.
they probably all got a free pass on his railroad!
I guess today he was a “Con man”, in those days a guy with the gift of the gab.
OH yes, he was also a politician, and why don't we doubt that!


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