Rafferty Dam

Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada

Specifications of the Rafferty Dam Project

When this Dam was built, like most other Dam Projects, It was extremely controversial. Great farm and ranch land was destroyed,
Other items like Dr. Mainprize Park at Midale, had to be moved to higher ground.

It was supposed to eliminate flooding on the Souris River, which we all know in 2011, was a disaster.

It was constructed the same time as the Alameda Dam, which was built on Moose Mountain Creek.

Shand Power Plant was also constructed as part of this Mega Project. A Pipeline from the reservoir feeds the powerplant.

It was proposed to flood 11,860 acres when the reservoir was full.

Premier Grant Devine was in charge of the SK government at the time, and pushed for the building of this project.

It was completed ca July 1991.

The dams cost $120 million Canadian, and a further $41.1 Million contributed by the North Dakota/US Government.
The Power Plant was estimated to cost $500 Million

It was turned into a recreational area after it was built, with a boat marina, and stocked with fish.

Photos above courtesy Kurt Phillips


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