Shand Power Plant

Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada

Shand Power Plant and Greenhouse

Shand, ca 2003 The Newest Lignite coal Fired Power Plant in the area, uses State of the Art technology
On the right you can see the Greenhouse, heated from the cooling water exiting the plant

Water for the plant comes from Rafferty Dam via a pipline.

Picture of the Greenhouse

One unit with a generating capacity of 279 net MW
Commissioned in 1992

This is a Cairn at the Viewing area of the plant
In Memory of a Fatal Accident here, when the plant was under construction
A 65 Ton tonne Crane toppled over backwords onto a trailer,
Walter Pasiechnyk b-1943, buried in St. Peter and Paul (alt- Hazel Dell) Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery in Yorkton SK,
and Clint McFarlane both died in this terrible industrial Accident here, May 25, 1990.
They were in the trailer at the time.
Seriously injured:
Larry Allan Marcyniuk, who sad to say, passed away at St. Joseph’s Hospital, Estevan, on Sunday, August 16, 2015 at the age of 65 years.
Cliff Sovdi
Ron MacMillan
Aaron Hill
Gordon Marcotte
Orval Shevshenko

Fossolized leaf story at Shand Viewing area, Fossilized leaf found at Shand

Getting a tour of Luscar's shop, courtesy mechanic and friend, George Kingdon

Views of the old Hamlet of Shand
showing the old Powder Magazine building.

Shand Power Plant takes it's name from the Hamlet of Shand, which was located in this area.

The last standing brick building from what was Shand, made from the brick once made in the area,
Home of Mr J. G. Peterson, built in Aug 1925.
Aug 13, 1925- Estevan Mercury reported-
Mr. Petersons new home is rapidly nearing completion. Mr. Gustafson was responsible for the architectural plans.
Mr. Peterson for the manufacture of the bricks and Messers Jepson and Lyons of Estevan, in command of the building contract
Completed Sept 24, 1925 when he moved in.

Jonas Gustaf Peterson
b- Aug 22, 1869 in Lidnas, Sweden,
d- Apr 14, 1948, at Shand, Sask.
buried in Estevan City Cemetery
In 1911 Census he was a hotel boarder in Estevan.
He was probably in Estevan from the States, buying what became the Eureka Brick Plant, eventually after other owners, Estevan Brick.
His middle name was Gustafo in the census.

Located at Sec. 4, Twp. 2, Rge. 7, West of the 2nd Meridian
The Hamlet of Shand was started by Mr J. G. Peterson, who started his own Brick plant here, as well as a small Coal Mine.
A school once stood across from this red brick house.
At one time the Section road went right in front of this house, running east and west.
and I remember many trips my Dad took on this road, rather than the highway north of here.
He would always say there was more to see there.
The road in this picture runs north and south, and is part of the haul road for the coal from the Coal pits to the north, to 1 mile south of here, to the Shand plant.

On the entrance road to Shand, south from Highway 39, you now go by the new Stock Car track in the area.


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