ECI Executive Committee

Reunion 2017 Committee Members
Carol and Skip Coomber Bonnie and Lorne Frank Peter Ng - Estevan
William and Deb Haygarth Ron and Trudy Hitchcock Colleen Slater-Smith
Joyce Hargest Allen
  • Chairman- Ron Hitchcock- Regina

  • Co-Chairperson- Bonnie Frank, nee Thompson- Calgary, California

  • Treasurer- William Haygarth
    with the Assistant, they will collect Reunion Fees, Pay all Bills, and keep the reunion in the black!

  • Assistant Treasurer- Skip Coomber
    See Treasurer's job above, same job.

  • Decorating Committee Chair Person- Bonnie Frank

  • Venue / Catering Committee Chair Persons- Colleen Slater-Smith and William Haygarth

  • Entertainment Committee Chair Persons- William Haygarth / Ron Hitchcock

  • Registration Committee Chair Person- William Haygarth
    Responsible to Register all Alumni, and Collect required Fees prior to the reunion.

  • Contact Committee - all Alumni
    They will use Telephone, Facebook, Email etc, to contact all living Alumni.

  • Facebook, Social Media Chair Person- Colleen Slater-Smith
    The old ECI Web Guy, does NOT do Facebook, Twitter, or other Social Media Sites.
    He barely can do a Web Page anymore!! But we need a Reunion Facebook site to help spread the word, to those that do that sort of thing.

  • Reunion Web Page- The ECI Web Guy, Doug Gent, Terrace BC
    I do as I am told, from all the above!
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