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Back from Saskatchewan after 5300 km's driving, and I can say the reunion was a Complete success.
The price of admission was watching Mr. Frank Strange dance up a storm, with all the ladies, at the young age of 91! He put us 60 year olds to shame!!
I will be adding some pages for pictures on here soon.
I hope the organizing committee recovered their money they personally spent to make this a success. I thank those that donated an item to the silent auction to help recover unexpected costs. Organizing these events takes a special group of people willing to use some of their own money to make it run. To make it operate the Fee has to be kept low to encourage folks to sign up, but sometimes the fee isn't enough. In this case I think it should have been a bit higher to share the costs. I just hope the organizers are not too financially hit. Doing all the work, and then pay for it is not right. I know the reunion itself was soooo good, it was a total success!!! Thanks to all!!

We are holding a Silent Auction,
so please bring something to donate to the Reunion.
I have been told everything is a GO, and all set for a great party. Sign up now!!

Latest Schedule of Events posted on the Venue/Schedule page
Both days, the Italian Club Registration Desk and Doors, open at 3 PM.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the venue had to be moved to :
The G. Marconi Canadian Italian Club
2148 Connaught Street,
Regina, SK

Deadline to register and pay was Apr 30, 2017
1967 Alumni are the Special Guests of the Reunion, but all years are invited!

Deadline to pay was been extended to April 30, 2017.

A Live Band “Boomtown” has been booked, and we are just about ready to go.

I am sure an email or a comment on the facebook page, to at least say you are planning on coming, would be appreciated by the Committee, as a show of support. If you were organizing this event, you would want the same I am sure.

Added the Mail in Registration Form in the Reunion Fee Section

The committee has decided on a fee of $60 / person Apr 30th Deadline to register.

“All students who attended ECI in 1967” are invited as special guests. Other years are invited as well, if you had a connection to ECI, you are invited. see the Reunion Fee Section, (button on left), for cost, and deadline to register and pay

added a Password Protected Section “1967 Alumni Info” Button on left index. email me with a valid email address, and if your name is in the 1967 Alumni List I will give you the access codes. Remember I need your School Name.

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