Estevan- St Peter's-Women's Mission Circle History

St. Peter's Lutheran Church
Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada

Women's Mission Circle, before 1936, Exact Year and all Names Unknown.
I see my Grandmother Mae Gesell in the 2nd row, and my Aunt Rose Gesell, is behind her.

Women's Mission Circle History

4 Pages written by the Secretary at the time, Mrs. Mary Westgard, in Dec 1972,
Titled: A History of the Women's Mission Circle, St. Peters Lutheran Church, Estevan, Saskatchewan, 1932-1972
Preface by Pastor Roy Holm
Pages 1-4 below, remember you can click on the photos to make them larger or smaller.

Page 2, top of this page Gessell, should be Gesell.
Funny thing I do have relatives with surname spelled Gessell,
but my Grandfather, Gus Gesell, insisted adamantly, his last name was spelled Gesell.

Then in Nov 2007, 75 years were condensed into 2 pages.
The 2 Pages of Information below, were distributed to the Congregation, Nov 2007, (Author unknown)

Note you need to click on the link to open these in Adobe

Page 1 in .pdf
Page 2 in .pdf

Women's Mission Circle pre 1936, photo taken by my Aunt, Rose Gesell
My Grandmother, Mae Gesell, is the lady with hat with the white on it,
3rd row from the front, counting the children.

Women's Mission Circle early 1950's I think?

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