Estevan- St. Peter's- My Memories

My Memories of St. Peter's Lutheran Church
Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada

Some Personal Photos, and others, saved in my travels

St Peter's Lutheran Church Plate

Gifts given to St. Peter’s
St. Peter’s Lutheran Church of Estevan received an organ, from parishioner Gerry Fichtemann.
The instrument is a Hammond Concert Elegante, consisting of two 61 note keyboards and 25 pedals.
Gerry donated the organ in memory of his mother, Millie Fichtemann.

Emilie (Millie) Adelgunde Fichtemann (nee Altwasser)
born December 8, 1910, died October 19, 1986,
who played the organ for many years at St Peter's and Trinity Lutheran Churches.
Her son Gerry Fichtemann played the Professional Toronto-Montreal Circuit,
In Eastern Canada for about 14 years, then returned to Estevan, to operate River Bend Nursery.

Gerry Fichtemann playing the organ
Gerry was playing the organ, that he donated to St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, ca 2008.
A great friend of my Mom and Dad, and their family.
Millie Fichtemann played the organ at my Mom and Dad's wedding in 1936, in the old Church on 2nd St.

I also know my Aunt Dolly Backman, nee Gesell, made a considerable donation, ca 2006/2007,
for the Children's Crying Room, in memory of her mother, and my Grandmother, Mae Gesell.

Mae Gesell, Nee Wendel, member of the First Women's Auxiliary

Gus And Mae Gesell

Here is a collection of pictures of odds and ends,
associated with my family and this Church

Apr 25, 1926 Confirmation class, my Mom and her sister Aunt Klara are in this photo
Names known-
Front Row sitting, Left side, my Aunt Klara Lee, nee Gesell
Right side Girls, My Mom Helen Gent, nee Gesell

Jan 31, 2010 I received a nice email from Marie Langen Beaulieu
and as it turns out her Dad, Harold Langen,
is the fellow on the right, sitting next to my Mom.
I quote- “My dad, Harold Langen, son of Ole Langen and Mary Ann Kiser,
was born Nov. 14, 1910 in Roche Percee. He also lived in Estevan and Bienfait.
Ole had a dairy farm in Estevan at one time. My dad was in WW11,
and since his parents and some siblings had moved to Ontario,
he ended up there too” Thanks for the update Marie!

My Mom and her sister Klara Lee, nee Gesell,
were confirmed in St Peter's Lutheran Church, Apr 25, 1926

Walther League, Old St Peters Lutheran Church on 2nd St., early 1930's

Walther League gathering, my Aunt Rose Gesell, 2nd row from front

Misc Books and items I have in my collection


I Dedicate these Web Pages to my Mom

Helen A. Gent (nee Gesell)
A proud St Peter's Lutheran Church Parishioner.
She saved all this information, so I wanted to pass it on to others, in her memory.
Mom passed away in 2007.

We've some of us prospered
And some of us failed,
But we all of us heave a sigh
When we think of the times
We used to have
In those happy days gone by

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by Doug Gent

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