Estevan Band

Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada

I am not sure if this Band had another name, but the newspapers called it “The Estevan Band”

May 14, 1927- A. E. Johnson Band leader

Sept 25, 1927, the Estevan Band performed in Arcola SK at the unveiling of the war Memorial there.

Feb 27, 1942- under direction of A. E. Johnson played “The Soldiers of the King” at a Beacon Lighting Ceremony for the Victory Loan Campaign.

July 4, 1942, the Estevan Band again led by A. E. Johnston performed at the Estevan Fair.

1946 same bandmaster, but Mr. A. E. Johnston became ill and couldn't attend practices.
Kay Henneberg led the band for a short time after.
The band folded for about 2 years.
Aug 31, 1948 the City Council was trying to organize a return of the City Band.
Mr. A. E. Johnson was ready to lead the band again. The Uniforms were still usable.

George Smallshaw played coronet in the Estevan Band ca 1945 and for years earlier.

Ruby Gleiser was a saxaphone soloist in the Estevan band on a western tour.

Can't seem to find a A. E. Johnson in records, but Arthur E. Johnston lived in Estevan, shown as a Miller in voter records.
Think some of the newspapers spelled his name wrong. Shown as a resident in 1950.
Arthur Ernest (alt Earnest) Johnston buried in North Portal Cemetery.
The North Portal Arthur enlisted in WWI.
b- Aug 11, 1877 Wellington, ON


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