1915 Town Maps- Page 2

Bienfait, Saskatchewan, Canada

Map of Block 3, May 1st, 1915
Original map in the Bienfait Museum

1915 map showing between main St and Walsh St, north of Souris Ave, Block 3
Fire Hall #152 Walsh St., on Lot 13, Block 3
Large Water Reservoir was under the Fire Hall

Municipal Office #148 Walsh St. on Lot 14, block 3

Barber & Billiards #200 Railway Ave, lot 10, Block 3
In the 30's this became Jake Lishinsky's store.

Lot 28- P. Le Rossignol General Blacksmith with a Chop Mill behind
Peter Le Rossignol
Born August 1888, in Quebec
In 1911 census, age 28, in Bienfait, no Le in front of his name in this census,
married with a sister living with him.
Wife Marie, age 19, and a Sister Amelia, age 15, all shown born in Quebec.
Took out Homestead Grant #69444, SE Sec 32, Tsp 1, Rge 10, W2
In 1921 census he is in Torquay SK, with 2 sons and 3 daughters. Shown as Le Rossignol here now.
In 1945 he was a Blacksmith in Weyburn

Lot 32- Post Office in 1915

Lot 36- General Store, with a Warehouse behind it.

Lot 44- Livery

lot 172- VAC? Vacant? Livery

Robert (Bob) J. Hassard's, mine owner's house was at #224 Railway Ave, lot 4, block 3
In 1906 there was a Robert Hassard as a boarder with the George Taylor family, he was 27 years old in 1906, born in Ontario?
(maybe Sask, shows as a large O under entry above it, which is Sask, the O could be short for Ditto)
Located at 3-2-6 W2
1911 Census shows him age age 33, born Nov 1879 in Manitoba now?
now with the Joseph Peverelle (Mine Manager) family as a boarder.
He was a Presbyterian, Occupation- Miner foreman

No sign of Hugh Hassard the first mine owner, still don't know of any tie here.

Sept 9, 1892 there was a Hugh Henry Hassard born in Saskatchewan at Sec 04-Tsp 02- Rge 06- W2.
His father was Hugh Hassard, and mother Jane Robinson
This is the exact same location Hugh Hassard had a Land claim, Jan 22, 1892.
Count nine months from the land claim date, and there is Hugh Henry.
This family I now find out, moved to the southern states after their mine was sold in 1895.

Still no sign of Robert J. Hassard.
Now I need to trace Hugh back east, to Manitoba or Ontario possibly.

R. J. McBeth hand written across lots 52 and 56
1911 there was a Robert John McBeth, b- Nov 1880, in MB
age 30, a Train Conductor living in Selkirk MB
Interesting to note his father Robert McBeth, died in 1914, 1 year before this map.
These McBeths were one of the first Selkirk MB settlers.

I show 4 McBeths in 1911, living in Assiniboia District
John Hector McBeth, and age 38, and wife Emily Ann, farmers
and another John Hector McBeth, age 30,and wife Mary Ann, also farmers.

But no R. J. McBeth in this area in 1911, so he moved here after that date

found a Robert James McBeth and wife Mary Etta Ellis, they had a daughter, Ulila Gladys McBeth
born Dec 26, 1898 in CPR station house in SK, but no place shown?
He was living in the town of Carlyle in 1911, 1916 and 1921 census.

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