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Bienfait, Saskatchewan, Canada

King Edward Hotel- #234 Railway Ave.
SE corner of Railway Ave and Main St
Lot 1 & 2, Block 3
10 room hotel

Postcard early 1950's, from Alex Wilson Collection, sent by Margaret Cuddington
Legion in background, right side.

1971 Wilf Gardiner and his family, Jimmy Gardiner's son, owned the hotel.

1911 census shows Albert Rogers as the Hotel Keeper.
Boarding at the hotel was Gordon White, who became the long time owner of the Hotel.
I remember as a kid the White family had a big bulldog.
from 1955 history book- built in 1907 by Fitzsimmons & Sons.
Oct 7, 1907 article, says Fitzsimons is the name.

Gordon White
b- Mar 1891 in ON
d- Sept 28, 1958
Irish, Presbyterian
1911- Occupation- Barber, single
1921- Hotel Prop., age 30

father- John White, age 28, 1891 census
Occupation farmer, Gooderich Township, ON
mother- Jane White,, nee ?, age 25, 1891 census
both born in ON, Gordon's grandparents, all born in Ireland

wife- Bertha M. White, nee Brundage,
b- May 24, 1898 in NB
d- Apr 23,1984
Headstone, Bienfait Cemetery

They had at least one child, a son-
John Brundage White- b- 1916- d- Mar 1, 1917
buried in Estevan City Cemetery

In the Bienfait history book, there was a M. Brundage, teacher in Bienfait in 1910, and a Dr. Brudage in 1913, and Bertha is shown attending school in 1910 in Bienfait
The family is shown below

from NB records
Father- Dr. Edgar Moses Brundage
Mother- Margaret Young Jordan
married July 11, 1888 in Charlotte County, NB
Bertha M. Brundage- May 24, 1898, at Long Creek, Queens County, NB
Cora Mildred Brundage- Oct 8, 1893, at Fairville, Saint John County, NB
Thomas Medley Brundage, Mar 10, 1890, Edmundston, Madawaska County, NB

Dr. Edgar M. Brundage
b- Sept 3, 1862 (1863?) in New Brunswick
d- Oct 2, 1941, in Chaplin? SK., age 79
buried in Estevan City Cemetery
Graduated from Baltimore Medical College in 1896
came west in 1910
Practised at Bienfait and Gainsborough for several years.

There is a Baby Brundage who died 1913, and a Mildred Brundage d- Oct 17, 1915, also buried in Estevan City Cemetery

Father- Thomas Brundage
Mother- Jemima Brundage, nee ?
1881- living in Greenwich, Kings, New Brunswick

1901- in Studholme sub-district, Kings, NB
Edgar is shown as a medical doctor
wife- Margaret Brundage, nee ?- Nov 17, 1868
son- M. Tomas Brundage, b- Mar 11, 1890
daughter- M. Cora Brundage- b- Oct 8, 1893
daughter- Bertha M. Brundage, b- May 24, 1898 (shown as Burtha here)
son- Frank J. Brundage, b- Apr 4, 1900
all born in NB

1911 census shows Burtha as Bertha
her mother's name is now Margaret
with them Cora and Frank, but no Edgar
still living in the Parish of Studholme, Kings, NB
Edgar must have went west at this point.

In NB records, Dr. Edgar Moses Brundage

King Edward Hotel, #234 Railway Ave., Lot 1 & 2, Block 3
George J. Oliver Hardware Store, #152 Main St. , Lot 16, Block 2 map below
Edward J. Sinclair Implements, #160 Main St.., Lot 14, Block 2 map below
Drug Store, #164 Main St., Lot 13, Block 2 map below
Charles A. Carroll General Store, # 168 Main St., Lot 12, Block 2 map below
Albert Watt's General Store, #172 Main St., Lot 11, block 2 map below
Public Hotel last one on the right, #216 Railway Ave., Lot 6 & 7, Block 2 map below

Photo taken looking SE, CPR tracks in the foreground, R/R switch in middle of the picture

Today, the Legion is where the Public Hotel was, from the 1955 history book, The first Hotel built by Mr. Sandoff of Estevan, was situated on the corner now occupied by the Legion Hall, was later sold to a man at Lampman, and moved in 1910.

And the Coal Dust Saloon, is the new King Ed, in the same building I might add.

In 1915 map above, there was a General Store between these 2 hotels, but that is not here in this photo
The caption says 1915 on this photo, so possibly the store was built after the map survey.
But if you look at these pictures, the hotel looks like it is on the corner?
How did it move 3 lots East?
I believe the map, and pictures, usually do not lie, a mystery to me.
In 1931 Hawkinson's Hall was on this corner at #206 Railway Ave.
Today, the Legion is where the Hall and the Public Hotel were.

Edward Sinclair Implements, #160 Main St., was referred to as the “Red Hall”

Businessmen on Block 2, May 1st, 1915

George J. Oliver (Sr) born Dec 1868 in Ontario
1911 Census says Scotch Nationality, Methodist religion, shown as a type of merchant.
With his wife Edith,( b- Oct 1876 in ON) Presbyterian
daughter Bernice, (b- Aug 1901 in ON) Presbyterian
and son George Jr. (b-Nov 1910 in ON) Presbyterian
When and where he died is unknown

1906 family boarding with the John Morris family, in Estevan, Qu'Appelle District, SK
George, age 41, Edith, age 30, Bernice age 5

So we know he came West between 1901 and 1906

Is this his marriage record below?, looks like it could be to me, except wife birth year off a bit.
George J. OLIVER, age 29,
b- ca 1868 in Burgess North, Lanark South, ON
Accountant living in Copper Cliff,
s/o George Oliver b-ca1838 in ON, occupation Miller, & Mary (Maxine?) GIBSON,
married Edith A. ELLIS, age 23,on Sept 16, 1897 in Sudbury ON.
b- ca 1874, in Penville
living in Copper Cliff,
d/o Thomas ELLIS & Hannah L. HILL,
Wtn. Thomas M. ELLIS, Eva M. ELLIS
One reason this might be the right guy, father was George, and he named his son George as well to carry this on, again just a guess here.
George SR mined Phosphate and Mica on his farm in Burgess area.

Edward J. Sinclair in 1911 sold implements,
Edward is shown as a machine agent in 1906 census, age 31.
He was born Sept 1879, in Ontario. Scotch nationality
His wife Selina, nee Drummond, is buried in Bienfait, he is somewhere else unknown.

Edward James Sinclair
b- Sept 4, 1877 in Fenelon Fall Township, Victoria North, Ontario
d- ?
buried- ?
Father- Archibald (Arch) Sinclair, a Merchant
b-1846 in ON
Mother- Mary Ann Maunder
b- 1846, in ON
Sister- Ella Mabel Sinclair,
b- June 3, 1873 in Mariposa township, Victoria county ON
d- Oct 3, 1944 in Lampman SK
buried in Arcola Cemetery
Brother- William John Sinclair,
b- July 28,1875 (Feb 28, 1874?) in Fenelon Township, Victoria North, ON
d- June 2, 1956 in Lampman SK
buried in Arcola Cemetery
Sister- Mary E. Sinclair,
b- 1879 in Fenelon Township, Victoria North, ON
Brother- Herbert A. Sinclair,
b- Dec 1880 in Fenelon Township, Victoria North, ON
Ed also owned a Farm Implement dealership in Bienfait ca 1911, and 1915
He owned the first garage in Bienfait
Ed Sinclair also opened up Victoria Park, near Roche Percee, per July 8, 1926 Mercury article
His wife was Selina Sinclair, nee Drummond,
b- Mar 24, 1885
d- Aug 17, 1941
buried in Bienfait Cemetery, but where is Edward buried?
see his brother and at least one sister, died in Lampman.
Maybe he went there?
He was of Scotch nationality
2 locations of his sisters,
Mrs. E.A. Creighton of Creelman, SK
Miss Pearl Sinclair of Arcola SK

I found an Edward James Sinclair in 1881 Ontario census
age 4, born 1877, son of Arch Sinclair and Mary Ann, nee?
Methodist religion. They were all living in Fenelon Falls.
1911, Ed was living in Bienfait, Lot 7, Block 4, with his wife Selina, no children shown.

Charles Carroll's (Sr.) occupation in 1911 census is shown as butcher.
shown born Oct 1873, in the USA, coming to Canada in 1907, Irish nationality.
Living with his wife May, and 2 sons, Allan and Willis.
He died Feb 4, 1938, buried in Bienfait Cemetery.

Albert Ernest Bodwell Watt,
b- Mar 6, 1877, Fergus, Wellington, ON
d- July 20, 1949, Winnipeg, MB
father- John Watt, b- abt 1842
mother- Charlotte Vining, married abt 1867
married- Emily Gertrude Ellis, Nov 20, 1907 in ON

Albert, his wife Gertrude and son Hugh are shown in the 1911 census.
Albert is shown as a merchant., born Mar 1878 in Ontario. Scotch Nationality
Gertrude Watt, nee ?- Sept 1882 in ON, Irish nationality
Hugh Watt, b- Jan 1909, in SK

In BC Voters list 1898, Watt, Albert Ernest Bodwell, Fort Steele, Free miner, Kootenay East south riding

1915 Map showing West side of Main St, or in legal terms, the East half of Block 2

1915 Albert Watts General Store, on west side of Main st.
#172 Main St., Lot 11, Block 2 on map above

Another view of the West side of Main St. in Block 2, taken from Souris Ave end, looking NW
Same list of buildings as above

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