Soo Line Orange Lodges

Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada

July 12, 1906 Soo Line Lodges Parade in Estevan
Photo taken by Pharmasist E. R. Davis, photo #212
Donated by Grant Walker

Orange Lodge of Canada, paraded on the same day each year, the day Protestant Prince William of Orange, defeated King James II a Catholic at the Boyne River in Ireland around 1690! I don't understand fraternities, and probably never will. Religions fighting I never will understand either. Thou shall not kill is kind of a big commandment, but it's ok to kill the religion that isn't yours? so we just ignore a commandment when we feel like it? And to this day still support these 400 year old ideas! Not for me!

The Orange Lodges were formed all along the Soo Line, in the early 1900's. British Anglicans against the rest of the population. These were all secret fraternities. Secret initiation ceremonies, etc. Reason the fellows in this picture have such a sour look on their face, as they probably were not happy having their picture taken. the photo was over exposed, probably because he took it in a hurry. Supposedly they marched under an arch on the street. They wore thier bright orange banners, sashes and regalia, with various symbols important to their various degrees or levels. Prominent of course the cross, then the 7 sided star, and also a 5 sided star. Plus others important to their ceremonies.

Imagine the Catholics in town were real excited to see this parade!

Doing research on the KKK in Saskatchewan, in the 1920's, which was a big thing in places like Biggar, and Moose Jaw, and other places they could gain a foothold. Unemployment, Natives, and European immigration were the big items on their list. Shameful past history. But did happen. Everyone associates the KKK with the states and the Black population, but they were imported into Saskatchewan. And lasted longer than they should have.


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