Estevan- RAF 38, Biscoe Photos

Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada

David Biscoe sent me a couple photos from his father's scrapbook collection Oct 31, 2017
With Remembrance Day approaching fast I had to get this online asap.

From David- “I remembered my father was posted there during WWII when he learned to fly, and then went on to become an instructor at RAF Penhold. …

… my father was at Estevan from April to August 1942, and this is when he gained his wings. I have scanned a few items that are in his scrap book”

His father- Arthur Ernest Biscoe,
b- Apr 2, 1922, at Portsmouth, England.

This is a great photo of the pilots ca Apr-Aug 1942. No 54 Course
but even better David's dad was smart enough to amke a name key for the photo, and even got their signatures on the back of the photo.

Key to picture above

Men's Autographs

Names in the photo added here for Google, and my search box to find them.

Front Row- L/R-
  1. Sydney P. Bell
  2. Bob Buck
  3. A. L. George
  4. Jonney? John? Green
  5. N. E. Fletcher
  6. Richard “Dick?”. Allen
  7. Unknown
  8. Arthur Ernest Biscoe *see above
  9. Maurice L. Crocker
  10. G. Haydn Bestwick
  11. R. Dickenson
2nd Row L/R
  1. P. E. Collingwood
  2. John W. Boone
  3. P. A. Moseley
  4. P. S. Mauger
  5. Basil L. Purkiss ?
  6. V. Woods
  7. W. A. Saul
  8. E. A. Norton
  9. Rem? L. Gonse
  10. V. Eustace
  11. S. V. Hirsch
3rd Row- L/R
  1. David Brown
  2. J. Byron
  3. E. H. Austin
  4. Bill Bailey
  5. E. P. Lloyd
  6. W. R. Dennis
  7. J. F. Unwin
  8. T. H. Smith
  9. E. J. Allott Patterson
  10. J. Maitland (James Maitand?)
  11. J. A. Sellar
  12. N. V. Whiteman
  13. D. A. Churcher
  14. D. Griffiths
4th Back Row- L/R-
  1. R. J. Minnikin
  2. J. H. Medlow
  3. Don Grant
  4. F. G. Wodehouse
  5. Donald J. Barton
  6. Ken Hall
  7. J. Hawkins
  8. Unknown
  9. Unknown
  10. G. S. Steer
  11. B. J. Scandrett
  12. D. M. Wright
  13. George B. Atkinson
  14. R. J. Blight

From David- “I have attached two photos, both with Mosquitos in them.”

“The first must be the group photo of the OUT class at Debert, or 605 Sqd.”

“The other picture is him on the right, with Eddie his navigator.
Post War, Eddie went on to join the Clergy, Arthur Ernest Biscoe went on to become a Headmaster of a large Boys school – a born teacher.”

Summary of Military Career, From Arthur's 3rd and last Log Book

  • 18/8/41 Joined the RAF, ACRS London Eng
  • 6/9/41 ITW Kenley Eng
  • 21/11/41 ACDW Brighton Eng
  • 3/12/41 No 8 EFTS Woodley Eng
  • 27/1/42 No 33 EFTS Caron Sask
  • 25/4/42 No 38 SFTS Estevan Sask
  • 27/9/42 No 1 FIS Trenton Ont
  • 18/11/42 No 36 SFTS Penhold Alta
  • 16/1/44 No 2 FIS Pearce Alta
  • 2/2/44 No 36 SFTS Penhold Alta
  • 20/5/44 No 31 OUT Debert NS
  • 1/7/44 No 7 OUT Debert NS
  • 15/11/44 13 OUT Harwell Eng
  • 5/2/45 605 Squadron 136 To 14/6/46

“His last entry showed he flew 22 operations over Germany, in his Mosquito, where he mainly took low level reconnaissance photographs,
but also bombed strategic locations on the way back to his base in England. He generally disrupted transport such as trains and barges.”
“I (David) will be visiting the Family Records Centre in London this winter to learn more about the Squadron activities,
but I do know he took very low-level photos in preparation for the Bombing of the Shell House Building in Copenhagen. ”

1946 Dakota Crash
1946 Dakota Crash Memorial


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