Estevan- Hillside Pictures- Page 1

Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada

Hillside Subdivision Pictures

Part of a June 1912 advertisement selling Hillside Lots Cost of the old school= $13,000.00

Sign for the New Schools ca 2000

Estevan Comprehensive School sign ca 2000

School View from Torgeson Park ca 2000 New Spruce Ridge School is just to the left of this picture

College and Energy Training Institute ca2000

Hillside Playground

NW Corner View of Hillside Playground

SW Corner of the Hillside Park

The old Circular Slide, was in use to ca 2004,long gone in 2017
In 2000 I found out a 50 yr old over weight guy, at 3:00 AM and slightly inebriated
should not have used this slide.
Possibly why they removed the next year
I miss seeing the slide in the park.

The old Hillside Park Swing Sets
Myself, Ron Hitchcock, and my late brother Don, Went “Swinging” Saturday Night
AT 3am after the ECI Reunion 2000 banquet.
Ron's wife was there to make sure, we didn't kill ourselves, or maybe to phone 911!


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