Peter Cuthbert Duncan

Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada

Peter Cuthbert Duncan, aka: P. C. Duncan
b- May 8, 1862 in Lot 3, Conc 11, Elma, Perth Co., ON,
d- Feb 19, 1940

1896 he received $167,71 from the Federal Government for Food and Stabling for Police Service, I would imagine.

Mayor of Estevan 1913-1917.

Chairman of the First form of Government, in the Estevan area, called Statue Labour District No 140, formed Mar 15, 1898.

Owned a General Store where the Royal Bank is today (2017)
Store name P. C. Duncan Co. Ltd. Upstairs was the McNeil Funeral Parlour.

Aug 1931 he was Coroner, investigating the death from the tornado that wiped out the railroad trestle.

Owned the Duncan Mine

1916 he was a Magistrate dealing with a court case over an assault.

Brother of Louie Alexander Duncan

Father- James Duncan
Mother- Johanna M. “Jean” Robertson

wife- Jessie Duncan, nee McNeil,
b- June 30, 1864,
d- Mar 10, 1944.
Peter C. Duncan married Jessie McNeil, July 28, 1886.
Jessie's father- Lachlan McNeil, Jessie's Mother- Sarah Lamont.

daughter- Jessie Duncan,
b- Sept 1, 1880 in Belfast Ireland,
d- Sept 30, 1955,
she married Richard Thomas Stanley,
Jessie was named after her mother. Her and her sister known last living in Victoria, BC.
Sister- Sarah (Joan) MacIver, nee Duncan,
b- Sept 18, 1893 in SK,
d- ? in Victoria BC? Teacher in the Country, in 1911.
She married Ken Alexander McIver, Sept 15, 1920,
b- Jan 26, 1877 in Isle of Skye, Scotland,
d- Sept 13, 1947.


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